Has any one experienced all over itching while using Lantus? My 6 yr old son just started Lantus and he complains of itching all over. He doesn't have any rash or whelps just redness from the scratching.

Wondering if the Lantus could cause the all over itching? It has helped in taking the spike out of his numbers and I know he feels better having smoother blood sugars but he has gone to the school nurse to complain of the itching. Not a great tradeoff

Tell the one who prescribed it. Pronto. It can be changed immediately. Like next time for a dose.

I used lantus for 8+ years. Had the "burning" sensation at the injection site, but never itchiness all over. I agree with Leo2 - contact the dr. asap!

I have to say, itching all over is a classic allergic reaction. It may be nothing, but you may want to be alert to this as a problem. It could get worse with continued exposure.

I would definately discuss this with your son's endo. It may be nothing, BUT if he's experiecing this only with his injections of Lantus it could very well be an allergic reaction.