Laptop causes sensor interferences

I thought this might help others

I am running MM CGM and have spent the past week diagnosing a sensitivity to location of the laptop PC and my CGM<>Sensor Transmitter.

It uses a one-way wireless initial initial"">radio frequency link to data measurements from the small transmitter attached to the CGM.

When my Laptop is anyware close, like on my lap, it causes the pump to display a message “weak signal”.

I can either clear the signal by using “Find Lost Sensor” or if I just leave it seems to reconnect on its own when the laptop is move away.

My research has yielded that items in certan locations “Wireless transmitters ranging from garage door openers to car, cell phones and cordless phones and 802.11 (wireless PC’s, Tablets etc ...then it all starts working again

I will be discussing with MM tomorrow and will update this post on my discussion.

How did the discussion go? This is extremely annoying, as I work constantly with my laptop in my lap. I guess I can just learn to adjust to having it on a table - how far away do you think it has to be not to mess with the signal?