Large bump after removal of sensor

Friends, my dex was off for many days, so i removed yesterday. there was a large bump, like a " pump bump" under skin. could that be why the readings were so crazed? ( about 10th day)

Please advise

I’m going to say yes, it could be the issue. Is it just a bump or is it tender? Caleb has had a couple of site infections and they caused crazy readings. But if it’s just a bump, maybe the sensor had just lived its life and was done.

I agree with Lorraine and would add some other features.

Do you still have the sensor you removed? Did the full wire come out when you removed the sensor? Look at pictures on the Dexcom website. Wire is about 1/2 inch in length.

If the wire is not on the sensor, mark the spot with a “Sharpie” pen so it will not wash off. CALL DEXCOM Tech Support! !

There have been reports of the wires separating (VERY VERY RARE - about 1 in 1.5 million sensors - about three cases total). You may need physician help.

the sensor looked pretty much intact…i think? I am prone to pump type bumps so maybe 7 days is all this body wants for insertions site.


Not that this is conclusive, but the wire seems to be coated in black in the middle and then have a silver tip. If there’s a silver tip when you remove it, I would say it’s likely intact.

I just had this issue the other day as well, thought it seems to be healing nicely. I think I “accidentally” kept it in over 14 days. :slight_smile: I never got funky readings, but boy was it itchy!

I’ll SWAG that you probably created an infection at the Site. IMO, alcohol pads are nearly worthless when used as a “disinfectant”. I have long, complicated instructions on my page – which take much longer to read than they take to execute. But let me summarize:

First, you should scrub your hands really well- and use an old toothbrush to get under your fingernails. Then, you get a laundry-fresh towel to spread your stuff out- including one laundry-fresh washcloth for wet scrubbing, and a second laundry-fresh washcloth for drying. (Don’t put anything on a “filthy” bathroom countertop.) Scrub like a surgeon- make it go a bit red, taking off all the loose skin.

Then comes a REAL antiseptic. Here are two which are pretty cheap, and highly effective: #1 is Povidone-Iodine 10% solution, which I call “the orange stuff”. (It’s widely used in USA emergency rooms.) If you use a bottle, rather than single-use soaked gauze pads in foil, use a Q-Tip to apply it to an area a bit larger than a nickel. That’s the ENTIRE area of skin exposure under the transmitter. Keep wiping, and reloading the Q-Tip as necessary, to keep it wet with PVI for at least 30 seconds. (Hint: it isn’t just cheaper, I find the Q-Tip method to be more accurate in keeping the stuff from dripping all over, running into the area of your skin where you need the adhesive to work afterward.)

The other alternative, #2, is Chlorohexidine Gluconate. (IIRC, it’s widely used in UK emergency rooms.) I call it “the pink stuff”, because the brand-name product which we usually use at my place contains red colorant… even though our generic bottle of the same thing contains blue instead. The exact same application rules apply: Keep wiping it in, it needs to stay wet for at least 30.

CHG is less likely to cause a skin reaction, but it’s prescription-only in the USA. PVI is over-the-counter. In generic form, both are priced well below $5 per pint, and a single bottle will last… longer than the rest of your life, probably.

Alcohol is nearly useless as a disinfectant. (Yes, the drying action does some good-- but, if you’re a beauty queen, then you should be aware that it hurts your skin almost as much as it hurts the bugs.) When they play a game with it at “flu shot festivals”, almost all of the cleaning is actually done by the scrubbing (trapping surface dirt and bugs into the wet, disposable pad). But it’s a long-standing tradition in the USA, and it will probably never change.

wow…do you do this for your insertion of pump also?

Sounds like arduous task, but I do get these local infections often! I am giving my stomach a break and will do next sensor in few days. What do you think about tea tree oil?

Thanks Rick!

Thanks for confirming that you do get infections (making my post worthwhile). I shouldn’t have made it so complicated with the discussion of CHG: Try the 10% PVI first. (Tell the drugstore store clerk that you want “generic Betadine”, and they’ll know exactly what you mean.) Avoiding infection is pretty easy – my slow, complicated steps for Sensor insertion have to do with my tape-helper and rash-prevention stuff. (Cutting FlexiFix to size, with a proper donut-hole, is a slow job.) After you get used to using it, PVI takes less than one minute longer than alcohol wipes.

I have read that Tea Tree Oil is very effective against Staph (which I’ll guess to be the cause of your infections, although that’s a total SWAG.) But it sounds like it needs a lot of contact time to kill the bugs. If so, it’s great for treating acne pimples overnight, but probably not a good choice for preparing your Site for an invasive medical procedure.

These are just the “feelings” of a TOTALLY UNQUALIFIED consumer; I’m not licensed to give any medical advice to anybody. But I’ve had great results with PVI. Yes, I use it for infusion sets too, and I did have a few infections before I stopped pretending that alcohol wipes were sufficient. For me, they weren’t. Do ask your MD what he/she thinks about making this change.

dont worry about the disclainer. I appreciate your personal sharing…and everyone else. this is the only way to gain knowledge in the day to day living with type 1! i do not ususally talk to my docs about this stuff…i save them for things like underarmpit lumps and blood tests out of range.

I will go witht ehgeneric betadine for now.