Large Carb intake/large bolus

I eat out a lot on the weekend and end up feeling like crap.

I have the large carb large bolus exhausted feel like crapola syndrome!!!

My bloodsugars can remain normal but I feel awful.and totally drained.

Maybe it’s because the food is crap, not because of anything to do with your BG/ diabetes condition but because the food is fried/ greasy/ loaded with chemicals, etc? I usually feel sort of gross about 2 hours post-Big Mac…

What are you eating on the weekend that you don’t eat during the week ? I can’t believe you would eat crap as acidrock says.
I eat out all the time ( hubby and I are retired ) and feel fine.

Drinking anything with caffeine in it – even a decaf latte – will make me feel extra awful for about 24 hours. I also have a food sensitivity to capsicum (red pepper) and a few other things (the cartons of eggs they use in restaurants give me a mild allergic reaction – not so “real” eggs).

Maybe there is something in particular you’re eating that doesn’t agree with you?

On the other hand, I do find that large boluses of insulin don’t feel as good as small boluses. That is, I feel much better if I have very low carb meals than if I have “normal” meals and have to inject huge amounts to cover. I’m not sure if it’s the rolling waves (up and down) or the extra insulin itself feeling icky in my body as it breaks down.

Then again, I’m a T2 and we’re a different kind of animal altogether.

I eat a ton of crap on the weekend, but I think is is the rolling waves of bloodsugars with the big boluses, and then I do a post on Weight Watcher’s I am one sick food puppy

LOL – if you’re a sick food puppy, then I am the whole hound dog.

I also get an exhaustion like when you have a high or low, but bgs is normal.

Maybe try eating something different, Whole Foods or something like that, some weekend? We go through periods of eating out more and I can feel yucky after a couple of days of it, I don’t feel quite as well. It’s expensive and it’s not good for you. As it warms up, grilling isn’t a bad option, toss a salad together and it can be both tasty and sort of “feel” pretty good? We’ve tried casey’s out lately and the higher quality meat can help get a good buzz out of it too?

Eating out on weekends is my weakness too. During the week I am so good. A model diabetic. On the weekends I load up. The only time this really gets me into trouble is vacation. 10 weekend days in a row is devastating. I always envision that retirement will be like vacation. I hope not. I would not survive for long.

Have you tried splitting the bolus? In other words inject so many units at the beginning of the meal and the rest of it mid meal. It’s made a big difference for me and I don’t get that sudden low when too much kicks in too fast. (not that I eat super bad when I’m out but I definitely have more carbs than I would at home).

I always tell my husband that I can never retire as the schedule of working helps my D big time.

I tried it only one time and had a horrible experience, but that is exactly what I think I need. I don’t use the square wave or dual wave bolus option either, but I do experience a lot of lows and sky highs later, ahhhhh too much to think about

I get that exhaustion, crap feeling too but I think I’ve figured out it’s a food allergy. For years and years I would say to my husband night after night “I don’t feel good” but not be able to put into words exactly “how” I didn’t feel good. Well, I think I know - dairy. I’ve cut out all dairy and then recently tried a yogurt, bad idea - I was completely spent, on the couch, couldn’t move, felt like crap and actually fell asleep. Maybe you’re eating something when you go out that you don’t usually eat during the week and you’re having a reaction?

How does MrKaren do after these excursions? I dont exactly do “low carb” but I am sort of tight w/ the carbs and save them for dinner and the evening of debauchery. Then, by the end of the night, it’s bedtime and I sleep it off. Even when we eat garbage (we had an excursion to Harold’s Fried Chicken this weekend but had a house full of tweenagers so I didn’t get to abuse my pump as much as I’d have liked to have…:frowning: ). I am still thinking that even though eating and diabetes are a big thing, lots of junk food is not exactly good for anyone?

Agreed, but my husband eats non stop and is full of energy and is very very thin. I don’t think he feels like crapola like I do.

hmmmm perhaps

Hmmm, well, another theory shot to hell! I knew I should have gone to medical school!

I like to walk the dog sometimes when I get that woozy feeling from overindulging too?

I’d consider renting her out but not for long, she’s a cutie!

Awww she is and I did walk hours later, still feeling like crap, bgs 122, decided to eat 15 carbs, because most times exercise drops me bigtime, did not test when I was done felt really sluggish and crap 212 and many many hours later and two boluses back to normal, I think I might have some delay with food, too many variables that is for sure, but the 212 pissed me off.

Do you also have a really heavy, full feeling? Like your stomach is full of concrete?