Lasagna -- Pushing my Luck

Side salad with about 1/2 tsp dressing (dipped fork)
1 piece garlic bread
2-hour BG: 137

Misty,I like your choices of brekfast,and now your lunch,delecious& healthy.As I am moving towards diabetes,I started watching what I eat and started walking on daily basis.

I never walk alone, Debb! (it sounds like a hymn) I always have an audiobook or podcast on my iPod, and it makes me want to walk for even LONGER, so I can keep listening! My walks are up to about an hour daily now!

Sounds good! I think it’s OK to push your luck every once in a while. I’ve been pushing mine a lot recently!!

Misty…that is a fabulous post lasagna number! With bread!!! No fair! Actually, good for you.
Debb! The treadmill! Aren’t you so proud?

Sorry for those that can’t eat that meal. I probably will not always be able to have it either, it’s just that I’m an early T2 and I don’t really see the point in depriving myself if my pancreas can still apparently handle it.