Lasar after cataract surgery/lens implants

Some 13 years ago, I had cataract surgeries and interocular lens implants put into both eyes. Over time, those lenses have re-clouded over and are now almost completely clouded over. (they fix that by using a YAG lasar to burn a hole through) Has anyone had this done,& was there any pain/funky vision issue afterwords? (and can they recloud over even after its done) I'm a little nervous about it.

I think they can re-cloud if anything is left in there. I had a doctor use the YAG on both of my eyes, yet both still had quite a bit of clouding. Then another doctor went in and redid my left eye and it was good for over 10 years. I was just told by an optometrist that the left eye is re-clouding and that I need to let my opthamologist know. So, in short, I have had it done on both eyes at least twice.

i had something like this done too, but don't know if it was called got better & no pain.

I had cataract surgeries in 2006 and had barely noticeable bluriness about 5 years later in one lens. I was told it is not unusual to get a "wrinkle" in the lens after a while. I had the Yag laser done which took 20 seconds on each lens about 2 months apart and it didn't hurt a bit. No problems since.

Yes I have:) I'ts OK;) I had YAG 3 months after cataracta surgeries. I hope that You are after that now:)