Last night I fell into the toilet

I had high bg and the dog was sleeping in the bathroom before bed.
I didn’t want to wake him up, so I didn’t flush. But, I peed a lot before bed.
Around 5am I got low BG and couldn’t walk or see.
Of course, I made my way into the bathroom accidentally.
I fell down and couldn’t stand up again.
Flailing around and trying to prop myself up via the toilet, my pig tails went into the toilet and got covered in pee. That must be why I took a low BG shower and why my hair is wet this morning.

Life lesson: Flush before bed. Always. You never know what’s going to happen overnight.

I need to shower again…with shampoo this time.


There’s a new invention. It’s called a night light.

My brother once bought me this disco toilet light because he thought it was funny. Maybe I need another one.



You need to train your pup to be a seeing eye toilet dog for your nighttime excursions…

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He’s an anti-helper dog. When I am weak he takes the granola bar right out of my hand.


smart pup…

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Too funny! Sounds like my pup, a too pampered doggie! Seriously though, I’m glad you are alright after the low! Those at night like that somehow finding yourself on the floor are the worst!

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Glad you are doing ok @mohe0001!

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to outsource my fear and anxiety. Once I get some rates @mohe0001 I’ll be in touch. :grin:



I am glad that you are alright … sounds VERY scary.

I think that my dog should qualify as a diabetes services dog … vest and all: She is always there to make sure that I don’t eat too much: “You going to finish that sandwich/pasta/ice cream?”

Stay safe!



It was more disgusting than scary.
I got in the shower wearing all my clothes, it appears. There is quite the mess.

What a dog pal, John! Hyperglycemia helper dog.

Kidding aside, this sucks. It seems improving overnight results is most important for you. Have you thought any more about using loop? I think it would be a big benefit to you, even if you only enabled it over night. You used it before, can you just restart it?

My take is that people get disappointed in various looping tech when they expect too much out of it. What looping is really, really good at is overnight management, during overnight fasting. That should work well out of the box.

It is much more complicated for looping to get meal management dialed in, because of delays in insulin and digestion, and sudden changes in eating, exercise, etc. while awake. So start off with the expectation that looping is mostly for overnight sanity, and add in meal management during waking hours only as experience allows.

You already use a pump and cgm, doesn’t it make sense to get as much out of them as you can?

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This might make sense. I dunno. I just don’t know. I’ll have to think about it and see if I can identify a period of system stability that allows me to configure those initial settings.

The only settings that should matter for overnight use are your basal rate and your correction ratio. For me, those are the two that change the least.

Carb/insulin ratio varies more - counting the carb, different types of carb, different foods eaten with, different digestion speed, etc. So use your best guess, but bear in mind it shouldn’t affect you overnight. Also, eat and take your last food bolus at least a few hours before bed so it will have less impact overnight.

Basal rate is dialed into your pump already, and correction ratio is something I can rely on, unless I am still digesting and throwing more food into the blood. So measure correction ratio some time when you are high after your last food and insulin are finished. Hopefully you’ll find a value that is stable, like I did.

I’ll consider this over the next few weeks. Maybe I’ll start up again. I gotta consider it carefully.

Had one of these light it lasted about 6 months. I liked yellow

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Been there and done that

Do you keep glucose tabs or the equivalent by your bed? When I wake up low, I always reach for them. Even in a hypo stupor I can manage to down a few before getting up.


I do. I think I get really confused and it takes me some time and flailing around before it even occurs to me to eat something. I don’t know why that is. I need to collect my understanding of physical space and stuff.

You’re lucky you didn’t fall in and drown in the pee. There surely would have been someone around with a cellphone camera, and your reputation would have been ruined forever.


An old friend of mine was told by her wise and ancient grandmother: If your bra strap breaks when you’re putting your bra on in the morning, sew it back together immediately; don’t pin it together with a safety pin, because you never know what’s going to happen, and who’s going to see you with your clothes off.

sapienti sat

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