Last Night Was A Near Death Experience…

One minute I go to bed feeling fine the next thing I know (or so I think) I’m dreaming of a low… It’s a dream every time because it doesn’t feel real.
In my “dream” my husband is saying in a calm tone over and over,”wake up honey... Common you need to wake up” Every time he said this I felt a muscle in my body twitch all the way from my toes to my eyes one spot at a time… first my toes twitched, then my knees, then my thighs, then my arms….. And before my hands twitched I realized this is no dream… this is actually happening… Then a sense of guilt came rolling over me.. I felt so terrible.
I felt bad for scaring my husband... I mean I should have control, I should have watched my sugars before bed I should have stopped this from happening… But I felt fine. As I was waking up my hands twitched then my eyes..
As soon as I was coherent I thanked my husband and also said sorry to my husband with a hug… Then I though the whole scenario over in my head and I couldn’t help but cry… The last time I cried over a low was the first big low 7 years ago when I was all new to this.
But I cried because all I could think is what if I didn’t wake up? What if my husband was not there to notice the low? Because I know he is not always going to be there. And to remember before that “dream”
There was no life, no sound no dream… just nothingness… and know that last night COULD have been my last without being able to say good bye to my family and to tell my husband that I love him and knowing I would never see him again…
What do you feel? what do you see? What do you remember?

I think all of us can feel your pain Ariel. I am a man and not supposed to cry...yeah right. I have balled like a baby when I have been so low that my wife has had to give me a glucagon shot or force OJ down my throat. While I am sure that would look some what funny in a movie it sure ain't funny when your the one who is low.

Of course coming around is better than the alternatives you speak of. But to this day, almost 15 years since I went on insulin I will feel so bad that I put my family through a low.

Hang in there girl. You can do it.


I don't really rember a thing when that happens to me & it's happened manytimes. I fall into a seizure and I have been found manytimes seizing. A shot of Gluagon (prescribed to me by my dr & always in the frig just for times like that) after about 20 minutes brings me back around to myself. May I suggest u get ur dr to prescribe u a gluagon kit? Put it in the frige (it's a shot and in a bottle there's pure gluagon in the syringe is a liquid to mix the solid sulition with then after it is mixed up u have someone there to give u the shot). I usually only remember the twitching that I do b/f the shot. Honey I know all the guilt u feel but sometimes it just can't be helped.

Thanks sparky, You know i think iv probably felt guilty every time... but its amazing what happens and what you can and cant remember

I know the feeling all too well, Ariel. In February and March, 3 weeks apart, I had bad lows requiring outside help. Both occurred around 3 a.m. My limbs were flailing around. My wife had to call the ambulance. I've since made some changes to avoid such lows again. I hope you can do the same.

thanks Chris, and im usually good at night i haven't had a sleeping low in a long time.