Last weeks whoas

Hi ladies,

So this week I am 35 weeks. I am super sleepy all the time and I can't rest very well because baby moves a lot at night and also the belly is starting to feel very uncomfy...last night I had to build a fortress of pillows around my belly so that when i turned sides it would land on a pillow...otherwise, it hurt to lay it flat on the bed. By the end of the day my ankles look like they have have tires around them and I can't fit any shoes. The heartburn is the worst ever and tums aren't really helping. its constant and all day. Sorry to say it, but I have served this kid his eviction notice... he must go! I know that it will be hard when he is finally here, but right now I am welcomin the feeling of having my body back...or at least most of it.

Last week, I had to spend the night in the hospital because he wasnt moving during my biophysical...then they sent me to Maternity Triage where they did a non stress test. He passed the test but I was having steady contractions (that I couldn't feel) every two minutes and I am dialated a centemeter already. The doc wanted to observe me overnight and repeat the biophysical the next morning. Needless to say after causing all this trouble, the boy started boucing around consistently. He is a little trickster indeed!

I've decided that at this point, I'm ready to meet this kid. Depending on how my biophysicals go, they will induce me around 38 - 39 weeks (last week of the month). I am afraid that is tooooooo long of a wait... I am wondering how I will get through these next three weeks.

Any advice on how to cope with the last weeks? Its beating me up!

Well, you pretty much hit the nail on the head for me, too! :wink: Sorry to say I have little advice since I’m really in the same boat, though I do think it helps to spend as much time horizontal (ie. on the couch!) as possible with my feet elevated. I’ve no idea if I’m dilated yet, but will find out this week (I’m 38 weeks tomorrow), but I do know I’ve had a fair amount more discomfort in the last several days (lower back aches, cramping, GI issues of one form or another, general blah). My OB had been talking induction, but since week 35 she has kind of backed off that plan, not sure why. I have also had gestational hypertension, so I figured they’d induce me for that, for sure, but no such plans, and no such luck. I agree, I’m ready to meet this little one and start the next challenging chapter!

While I’ve no words of wisdom, I do offer my camaraderie! :slight_smile:

Good luck, Mama!

Just hang in there. Rest as often as you can & put your feet up whenever you can. Drink tons of water. It helps with the swelling. He’ll be here before you know it. You can do this.

I feel so bad for both of you … I remember being in tears at night, in agony, thinking I had another 6 weeks to go and how would I get through it? The longer you hold out - the less likely you will be in the hospital for a longer stay … does that help to think of it? I was in the hospital with my daughter for 6 days and I was told it was due to her being born at 35 weeks. I was going nuts, wanting to just get home with her. Many people have told me that I am lucky she was sent home after 6 days, too. Thinking of you all … :slight_smile:

I remember that from the first time around - my only suggestions are a) take a unisom - maybe it will help you stay asleep if you get there, b) zantax for the heartburn in addition to the tums, and c) this is not going to help you now, but the first night you are in the hospital I know that everyone is like “oh new baby! you need to be right by my side!”, but if you have the option of having the nurses look after him/her overnight LET THEM. You are going to be super tired and possibly drugged up that first night and the nurses know exactly how to take care of the baby.

It might just be the last full night of sleep you get for 6 months or so! :wink:

I feel your pain! i’m about 37 weeks and I wonder how much more I can take of this! My baby is huge, i’m huge, and my bladder is the only organ in my body that did not get the message that you are supposed to grow during pregnancy!

Even more so I worry that my baby to be is in the 90th percentil of weight! Go figure my A1C is a 5.2, yet at almost 37 weeks she is a whopping 7.2 lbs!
I wish I had some helpful advice, but I’ve tried everything with no success… appearently this is part of being pregnant :frowning:

One thing that does help slightly is swimming… it really does relieve some of the discomfort. )

Remember the weight of the baby can be off. My daughter was measuring 7lbs at 37 weeks & was born at 38 weeks weighing 7lbs. So there is still hope yours won’t be so so so big.

You’re in the home stretch. You guys can do it. :slight_smile:

Hi Guys. Thanks for the supporting words. sigh I guess the general consensus is that I just have to stick it out. I’ll try to Zantax for the heart burn… hopefully it will help some. :slight_smile:

I’ll let you know what the doc says about an induction date. With my A1c so high (7.2) and my pressure comming in slightly high here and there, my doc kinda doesnt want to hold out too long…

My daughter too - they told me, “SHE’S HUGE! We gotta get her outta there! At least 9 pounds!” and after the c-section she was 7 lbs 12 oz. Whoops.

The ultrasound can be off as much as 2 pounds either way. So yeah, I could have done without the c-section, but I told myself, “What if they were wrong in the OTHER direction and I would have been trying to push out like a 12 pound kid?” That would have been crazy! :wink: