Lastest clinical trial

Ok, I’m sitting here again in a hospital bed for my last over night visit. And while I don’t like the overnights, I do like being able to compare my meters & CGM to the lab machine.
So first off, I love my G6 and have not tested myself since around Christmas. Haven’t felt the need. So my first five tests so far have been pretty close.
Lab. Dexcom
126. 126
127. 128
167. 153
188. 184
196. 197
Pretty darn close!
And than just for fun I had them run my 3 different meters. My Contour Next, Precision Xtra (from a different trial that also tests ketones) and TrueMetrix ( the meter my insurance company made us switch to). This is the second time we’ve done this and once again the TrueMetrix has been the closest.
Dexcom 153
Lab. 167
Contour. 178
Precision 185
True metric 164
So I guess it wasn’t a bad move from an accuracy but the strips are more than the Contour.


Interesting post. Glad to see the close match between Lab & G6. I upgraded from G5 about six weeks ago and I have to say I’m really impressed. Still doing finger sticks, but as much out of curiosity as anything. I’m finding it way closer to meter readings (ContourNext) than the G5 was, though it was pretty darn good.

Small point but I’m not familiar with TrueMetrix so I Googled it. Looks exactly like the OneTouch Ultra that I keep as a back-up. Are they related?

Do you guys think I need to upgrade from G4? Is that likely to improve the sudden appearance of sensor inaccuracies? Is my hardware just too old to accommodate the new sensors you think?

I dithered for a while but so far I’m really glad I did.

Guess it depends on precisely what you mean, but I’m finding it astonishingly more accurate. I never quite cottoned to bolusing off my G5, but I’m doing it all the time with the G6. I’m also finding it way less prone to Bluetooth dropouts, like zero, and I’m not seeing any falling off of accuracy over the life of the sensor. Currently on my third sensor, first one I’ve rolled over to a second session, day 14, and it’s still going great. YDMV of course, and I’ve seen other people reporting problems, but for me it has been a pretty unqualified success.

If by hardware you mean will the sensors work with older transmitters, no. It’s an integrated package. And also no for connecting with the old-style receiver, which was kind of a bummer for me since that’s what I still have, but given the virtually non-existent dropout rate I’m actually ok with just using the iPhone app. If you have one of the newer receivers it might work with that, not sure. As for integrating with older pumps that would be a question for someone else. I use a Medtronic pump so it’s not an issue for me.

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No true metrix is different than one touch ultra…

I use the true metrix I really like the compact setup of their Go meter.

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I did go from a G4 to a G6 and have found the G6 on target. I didn’t trust the G4 for dosing but it was never approved for dosing. For the first few weeks I had the G6, I did check. But after a week or so, I just let go. And with the pump doing all the work, it has been a game changer for me. And setting this system up was down in nothing flat. I set everything into it and it does it’s thing! No calibrations, no calibration loop nightmare, it is so easy! Anything that can make my life easier is a winner!

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Finished up this morning and like last week, it was kinda brutal. This was a blind study and the overnight get into target to run you low. During that low timeframe I took tests to see how my mental functions were handling it and blood draws. Holy cow, blood draws. With three IV’s going, 1 for insulin and glucose and two for blood draws. The veins have a hard time with drawing all night long (every 15 or 30 or 60 minutes depending on sugar level), and than in the morning it is for three hours pulling sometimes as often as every two minutes. Thank goodness I have great veins and don’t mind blood!
And if I have a choice I prefer low blood sugars over high blood sugars, so I thought no problem with this one. Well let me tell you, we think we are ok when running low, we are fooling ourselves. I don’t feel systems so when they come on, I don’t pick up on them. This morning I did and it was nasty! The sweat pouring off me, the tears welling up, the anger, the hunger. It was very intense. Not sure if it was the drug or if my my system as it pulls me into better numbers. But I did feel this one.
Last week due to a mistake in my dosing afterwards, I went from 80, ate my lunch to 38 in a matter of moments. Also very scary because I really didn’t know what was happening. Sweat pouring off me, white as a sheet and couldn’t breathe. Hugely frightening!
And even with these past few not fun sessions, I am signed up for the next one. I am so very driven to helping find ways to help us do this better and of course the stem cell one to help find a cure.
So next one will be testing high side verses low side and will include MRI’s of my liver. They really do check everything which is why these trials take so long.
And one more fun side note. I am a huge fan of CGMS and I love my Dexcom G6. And while I reported the meter verses lab & Dexcom, I forgot to tell you I was wearing the LibrePro for the study. And when they checked the numbers over night the Libretto showed me at 50 but my Dexcom and lab number was 83. This also happens when we down load the two week Libre and Dexcom. They average has been off about 40 points each time. Just food for thought, because I believe CGMs are a game changer. Each of the systems out there have good and bad. You just need to find what you need.


It is made by the company Trividiahealh. It looks like they do a meter for Walgreens also.
And like I said, I was a little upset that I was being forced to switch meters due to formulary changes, but with my not testing at all with the G6 and discovering that this meter is the closest to lab results, I am not going to sweat it. True Metrix it is for me.

Love that Dexcom comparison!