Lastest news on "What am I"

Here is my lastest update on my diabetes.
I had the Veterans do a C-pep test. Well it came back normal!!! Now they are calling me brittle diabetic cause I can send my bs in up or down with very little effort. I have If I may say so exellent control.
Here is my last blood work: Fasting bs 101, a1c 5.8 and C-pep normal. WOW some diabetic!! LOL
Looks like I may be a Agent Orange Veteran!!!
It seems like yesterday (aug./08) I was in ICU, DKA with all kinds of tubes and wires connected to me. With the Dr.'s telling me I am a type 1 diabetic. Now I only use Novolog to help keep my numbers normal and it seems to work.
Oh, I also have lost a bunch of weight, from 235 to 188. Yea me I am not fat anymore I think?? LOL
Hey is 188 a good weight for a 55 year old and 6 foot tall man??? I am feeling really good now. Except for the being worn out (arthritis) in both feet, left hand, right shoulder (needs replacement) and being a brittle diabetic. ROFLMAO

When you say your c-peptide is “normal”, what do you mean? The actual numbers are what determine your Type, rather than “normal” or “abnormal”. I’m completely mind boggled that they would call someone with your excellent control, “brittle”. I also wasn’t clear from your post if they are now saying you are type 2. Did they do antibody testing? That is the only definitive way to determine type. You sure sound like type 1 to me. Except for the fact that are you saying you don’t use any basal? That’s unusual.

Congrats on the weight loss! (Another Type 1 characteristic!)

I don’t think you need a label to tell you that you are doing well. Losing all that weight and having an A1c of 5.8 doesn’t sound like you are out of control or a brittle diabetic. If it ain’t broken, don’t fix it !!!

Yep, no Lantus and If I don’t use Novolog, watch what I eat, I get numbers that within diabetic OK range ie: 180 after 1 hour after eating. If I watch what I eat and use Novolg I get numbers OK for normal ie: below 140 after eating. I like those numbers better. LOL so I still use a little Novolog. Part of the brittle part is I also can get low real quick with insulin, 1 unit off can send me low.

My test was , I forget the number. But it was as they told me right where it should be.
They are calling me Brittle because even though my c-pep was normal
it is so easy for me to have bs swings. I could eat let’s say a big candy bar and 1 liter regualar soda without insulin my bs would be about 300-500. I did eat half a box of Crows and ended up at 300 did 1 unit of Novolog and went to bed , woke up with a fasting of 100. SO there is no question I am Diabetic! LOL They just don’t know what to call me. LOL
I think I am a type 1b “Type 1 B diabetes is also referred to as idiopathic diabetes, or diabetes of unknown origin. This form of type 1 diabetes is not autoimmune in nature, and tests for islet cell antibodies will come up negative. People with type 1 B have an insulin deficiency and can experience ketoacidosis (a high blood sugar emergency), but their need for insulin injections typically waxes and wanes over time.” Also call DKA prone type 2. Who knows???
Oh, My last 3 a1c’s have been 5.8

Well, I too have an ongoing diabetic existential crisis. I am Type ‘rapid-onset, insulin-dependent, non-autoimmune, non-insulin-resistant, non-juvenile, non-mature’; my C-peptide is almost non-existent, and no, it ain’t MODY either.

Officially, it’s 1B/KP2 depending on who you ask. There are further subsets of 1B/KP2. Looks like you are A-B+ and I am A-B-. Here is the link

All your c-peptide tells you is how much insulin your pancreas is still making. Type 1’s make very little of their own insulin. Type 2’s can make an average amount or a very large amount; they make a lot of insulin but have difficulty using it due to insulin resistance. A doctor saying it is “right where it should be” (for who?) and saying you are “brittle despite your “normal” c-peptide” wouldn’t exactly give me confidence in that doctor’s knowledge! I too, would be extremely high from eating a big candy bar and 1 liter of regular soda (yikes!!). That isn’t being brittle, it’s being diabetic LOL. And the number I wake up with isn’t necessarily related to what I was the previous night. Again, not being brittle, just diabetic.

Ah, so you have no antibodies?

But then he has that drastic drop with just 1 unit of Novolog. I’m T2 and my body just laughs at anything less than 10 units of Novolog unless I’m already pretty low. If I were at 300, I’d have to inject 15+ units to get it down to 100.

It sounds like he has very odd insulin resistance for a T2.

I could eat let’s say a big candy bar and 1 liter regualar soda without insulin my bs would be about 300-500

Just for reference, I’m T1 and that’d put me above HI on my meter (which maxes out at 600).

I think it’s unfair, for you or me to expect our bodies to be merely “glucose intolerant” or whatever the politically correct phrase is for someone with easy to control diabetes is.


C-Peptide is not a conclusive test for Type 1. It tells how much insulin the pancreas is producing. Granted, typically a T-1 will have very little or no c-peptides at on-set and a T-2 will have average or elevated C-peptides. Ask your doctor to test for the antibodies: GAD65 and 1A2. If those antibodies are present - you are Type 1.

You may just be insulin sensitive and that is why a single unit can cause a low. And consuming hundreds of grams of carbs would give any diabetic a high number. The term “brittle” has traditionally been used to describe someone with poor diabetes management habits, particularly sloppy eating and insulin dosing. Today, brittle is almost never used and when it is, it technically means someone who has unexplainable harsh highs and lows. You are just sitting there watching TV, you don’t eat anything, you don’t take insulin and BLAMMO, your blood sugar goes high or low.

If you think you are a Ketosis Prone T1, then you might contact our fellow member Michael Barker. He knows a lot about that condition.

Gosh, a big candy bar and 1 litre regular soda - I’d look at that and mutter DKA, DKA, DKA…

Having said that, I once managed a 320 on no food, no insulin on board (other than basal which I know is correctly adjusted), no stress, no exercise. Just sitting there on the computer, thought I’d test just for fun (as you do), and wham bam! Don’t know if that makes me brittle but I dislike that word as it has high-carb connotations for me hahahaha…