Late cobra payments!


I am on cobra. I have not recieved my January coupons to mail my check. I have the check written ready to go. I called the ADP benefit agency about my coupons. They told me they were terminated by my old company in handling in claims.

I called my old company and they told me the same thing and they have a new company but they have to contact corporate to get the address. I asked if I could send the payment to them so at least it can be registered that I made an attempt to be paid. they said no.

My boss has a son that type 1 who is on cobra. She told me to send in the payment to the old company and dispute the money later because COBRA will do anything to kick you out of the system. At least with the money in somebodies hands I can dispute it and the money is somewhere.

Has anybody had this problems? suggestions???

links to FAQs on COBRA The only one to protect your rights is you. Unfortunately, interpreting the law may be confusing. You might want to contact someopne in DOL for suggestions. Hopefully you won’t alienate anyone while asserting your rights. You need to contact the plan administrator.

I went ahead and mailed the payment to the old company that my former company was using. I will call cobra tomorrow about this and see what they say. thx.