Late meals

this is not spiking after a meal. I didn’t sleep well last night and woke up with higher blood sugar. I waited to eat, and didn’t eat until 9:30. Blood sugar 12:30 is 150, which is within range for me. I am trying to figure out what time to eat lunch. 1:30, 2:00? What times do you normally eat and how long do you go between meals? I’m not particularly hungry right now, but I know that if I wait until 3:00 to eat, I will get into trouble.



Food is not the only factor in bg. Stress, exercise, etc can also raise bg.

Your restless sleep itself could cause rise in bg (eg stress). Even dreams can impact bg.

Some eat meals at regular times, but now that I’m retired, my meals vary more. But have not noticed this impacting overnight bgs relative to dinnertime meal.

High fat content plus late meal could postpone the bg rise.

My typical pattern is to eat two meals per day together with some small snacks, all eaten between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. Treating any low BGs (<= 65 mg/dL) at any time of the day are exceptions to this pattern.

For times that I think my post meal blood glucose level may go higher than I want, I would pay extra attention to an adequate pre-bolus time. I would also add some light exercise, like walking, for 20-30 minutes in the 30-60 minute time-frame after eating.

I would definitely honor that literal gut instinct!

I have switched to 2 meals a day about a year ago.
I have coffee in the morning. Then I have lunch at 1130 am.
I eat dinner around 530.
Sometimes I’ll have another coffee after dinner, but I generally do not eat anything past 7 pm.
Yes I can have all the caffeine and salt I want cause I have a very slow heart rate and low blood pressure.
(Which makes me worry about Adrenal insufficiency but that’s another thread)

this works great for me, I realize that I almost never get hungry. I just eat out of habit.

When I was on nph and regular insulin, I could never skip a meal.
Now I really like 2 meals a day, it suits me.

Timothy, are you on a pump?

Yes I’m on a Tandem Tslim and dexcom looping with control IQ