Latest Diabetes Detective is out!

Some of you have tried a new application for diabetes self-management, Diabetes Detective, developed by researcher at Columbia University. Good news - the new version of the application is out with many new features. Most importantly, in addition to blood glucose tracking it now allows users to keep track of meals, physical activity, and medication. Give it a try and share your thoughts with the researchers to help them design better technologies for diabetes self-management. You can register to use Diabetes Detective at

Thanks for the link Emily!

I started using Diabetes Detective about a week ago when you first sent out the announcement. I guess i was as wary as ever of anything proposed as good for my own good (LOL), but your enthusiasm, Columbia University’s reputation, and a personal dedication to studying and supporting research whenever possible convinced me to enroll in the project. Glad I did.

I like having the option to text in the results of individual blood sugar levels as they occur, rather than finding extra time each day to log onto the Internet and enter a slew of data manually. At this point in my life, I also appreciate being able to set up text reminders at the times i choose to check my sugar level. Or not. When I do take time to sign in via WiFi and look over the bigger picture, the format of the data I’ve contributed over the past few days, as well as averages, suits me well.

What took me by surprise was the focus on not just collecting data, but to analyzing the data I’ve collected. I’m a data driven person but lately i get so immersed in everyday life i forget to take a step back and view the results from a distance. Diabetes Detective has been encouraging me to get back to that with structured steps guiding me through the processes of analyzing my data for problematic patterns, hypothesizing solutions, and then testing them.

Anyone else participating? Be interested to hear what you think…
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