Latest Endo!

Went to the endo this week… expecting to be yelled at - but my A1C came down to 7.3, which I’m proud of. What I learned after spinning myself up before this appointment is being Diabetic I’m ALWAYS hard on myself on my daily control about testing, numbers, did I take the right amount of insulin vs. carbs?, etc. etc. My short message is this: sometimes we need to reach around and give ourselves a pat on the back about doing the hard work daily and surviving with this disease. I’m alive and kicking, have a great family and support system, and have come very far in controlling this disease. I walked out of the Endo feeling super-pumped, after walking in “down”. How ridiculous of me! Come on! We can do it!

Funny you blogged about this…lol First, Congrat’s on bringing your A1C down to 7.3! I always think my A1C is terrible before I go to the Endo…when I leave I walk out with my head held high…
I agree with you we do need to give ourselves a pat on the back, we need to stop being so hard on ourselves…lol it’s eaiser said than done.
We can do it!!! Congrat’s again