Latest guess for G7 and Tslim compatibility

Anyone have an idea when Tandem may announce they’ve finished making the Tslim pump compatible with the G7? My endo thinks using the G7 is good for me but as of last month the Tslim still didn’t work with it.

My reason for asking now is I’m about due to order another 90 day batch of G6 and I’d rather not pay to load up on them if I’m likely to switch to the G7 in, say, 3-4 months from now.

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It should be soon they said 1 to 2 quarters after g7 approval. That puts it in early June

I switched my 90 day supply to 30 day to not have too much of the G 6

Any day now. They never give specific dates/timelines, though. At the beginning of the month, the CEO said “a significant portion of our users with be on the G7 in the 3rd quarter (july-sept)”. I’m paraphrasing that, but we’ve pretty much been promised a full launch of G7 compatibility well before September.


Thx. I like the idea of just ordering them 30 days at a time till I get a better idea I’d when I can switch over. As for July-September that puts me right at the ragged edge of how many I have on hand now, so ordering 90 more right now might not be a good idea.

Just reviewed some comments on reddit on G7 users. Seems like several have issues.

I will be not be the first in line, just started a new 90 day G6 transmitter and sensor supply.

I spent this weekend at the Northeastern Slipstream in Winslow, Maine. An awesome opportunity for adults with T1 to get together in a community for adventure, empowerment, education and just plain fun. I talked with the Tandem Rep who said they are still a bit concerned about the connectivity of the G7. It seems when Dexcom introduced the product they had to make craploads of them to meet demand, but the bluetooth is not great and the range is about 8 feet. They gave up a lot to make it thinner and smaller. Dexcom is fully aware of the problem with connectivity but I personally wore both last week and would not trust the G7 to run my DIY Loop with Omnipod Dash. It lost connection multiple times even while my phone was right next to me. When it reconnected, the graph was filled in with the missing data but I am really glad I had Loop working with G6 because it did not lose signal except when I was in the water swimming, wake boarding or zip lining. The shorter warmup was nice, but not worth the tradeoffs in my opinion. Mind you Mick Davidson a T1 endo who works for Lilly was using DIY Loop with Omnipod Dash and G7 and is pleased with the results. So as in everything with D, YDMV.


Tandem’s FDA submission for the Tslim specified the G6 system. I think this means they will have to do a new submission to use the G7. So the change is going to happen at the speed of government. On the positive side the G6 and G7 are so similar Tandem should be able to support both.

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Why does he think it would good for you? I get there are some nice conveniences with G7, but nothing that necessarily makes me think it would change my overall control. Just curious.

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As with the T-Slim users, those of us on the OmniPod 5 have been told that the G7 compatibility is “in the works.” While a short warm-up time and smaller profile would be great, I will NOT be one of the first ones to change from the G6 to the G7 for the reasons quoted above. I’ll stay with the G6 until Dexcom has at least a year of problem-solving behind the G7 before I would think about making the change. New isn’t always better.


Does anyone know if the G7 receiver by itself, with no G7 supplies, requires an Rx? I’d like to start getting a stock of G7 supplies before my G6 inventory runs out,

Yes, you need RX.

Insurance may cover at $200-300.

Using GoodRX coupon and RX, it is about $66 -$90 without insurance for 3 sensors (these prices may go up.). Receiver about $90.

However if using MC, they may require it to be processed as a MC claim to prove you have it, so GoodRX coupon not valid to use.

Technically, it’s likely to be working now and being tested by Tandem’s staff, many of whom have T1D and are pump wearers. It will be tested more rigorously than any previous Tandem software update. There’s no way that Tandem would risk its reputation at this point on anything less… The ultimate obstacle will be the FDA. So practically, I’m hoping for September 2023, but planning on late Jan 2024.

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If you are willing to pay full price ($449) you can order one from Diabetic Promotions without a prescription. I did just that as I wanted one as backup technology for a recent trip. DEXCOM G7 RECEIVER

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The one big benefit of the G7 is there are no gaps in data. That 2 hour warm up time is eliminated because you can start a new sensor while the old one is still running. There is a grace period to extend the old sensor to fill the 30 min warm up gap for the new sensor and for those of us who really want a longer presoaking time, it allows for 12 hours. So I see that as a benefit. I install my G6 when I go to bed and I’m already very stable and by morning my results are usually spot on.
I don’t mind the size of the G6. It will be nice to not have to deal w the hassle of the transmitters though.


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