Latest Pet Peeve

I read – ok, I skimmed – an article the other night about a kid with diabetes that included a line about how she doesn’t let diabetes stop her from doing anything. I’ve decided this really bugs me. And I’ve tried to come up with things that diabetes has stopped me from doing.

I’ve never wanted to be president or climb Mt Everest and guess what? That has nothing to do with diabetes. It’s because you couldn’t pay me enough to get involved with politicians and I’m too lazy to climb a mountain.

I did have to stop driving for a couple of years due to a car accident I had while I was hypoglycemic on my way to work one day. But that was a safety issue for me and for other people out on the road and once I got my blood sugars under control. the DMV reinstated my license.

I’ve had to call in sick to work because my blood sugar was too high and I felt like crap or I ended up in the hospital but I’ve worked for years. And I’ve gone to college – ok, I didn’t graduate and get a degree but to teach preschool, you don’t need one. Although maybe I’ll go back some day and get that degree in early childhood education.

Right now, I’m not working and that’s nothing to do with diabetes and everything to do with a broken knee, a broken foot, another broken knee and not knowing if I have the physical ability to do all I need to do as a preschool teacher.