Laughter as therapy

Ok, everyone has heard that laughter is the best medicine, right? I myself try to find the good in every situation, ever the optimist. And I am usually the one to work to see that smile on a friend’s face when they’re down. But I was reading an article today about laughter yoga as a class. Instead of concentrating on the meditation and yoga poses, the classes consist of mostly long stretches of laughter, from giggles to belly laughs, broken up with small yoga sessions to stretch and relax. My question to you is has anyone ever heard of this or tried it?

In high school my friends allowed me to use them as lab rats. I set it up where we watched 2 different types of movies, a really funny one, and a cute disney film. I tested their blood glucose (dont worry, we used proper sanitation methods…) before and after each movie on separate occasions.
The funny movie produced a huge drop in glucose levels while the disney one resulted in a drop of a lesser degree.

So yes, laughter and relaxation is good for the soul and blood sugar too :slight_smile:

I haven’t but it sounds like it would work! GOOD ATTITUDE!

That is awesome. I like the concept and that is very cool to see it actually has real world application

Laughter is strong medicine for mind and body. For decades now, researchers have explored and studied how humor helps patients relieve stress and heal. A center where I worked before uses this as a “group therapy”. It has been found out that laughter relieves physical tension, and stress, it increases immune cells improving our capability of resisting diseases, it improves the function of our blood vessels and blood flow helping us with some cardio vascular problems. and it triggers the release of endorphins promoting pleasant feelings. Best of all…it is free and its fun!

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"Add a Joke !" (couple of lines only) - you know, laughter is the best medicine!
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Perhaps that is why happier people tend to live longer too.

That sounds like a fun idea Michael! I think it is best you start it =) Maybe you can include funny pictures/photos too. Id gladly contribute!