LCHF counting protein and fats - Help needed! do you use TAG

How many of you use the “formula” suggested here ?

And how many have developed your own sense of “fudge factors” for counting the carbs for fats/protein foods that you tend to eat often to account for the carbs in fats/protein?

Thanks in advance for sharing your experience.

I play the TAG game with my food. And I have developed a pretty good sense of “fudge factors”, certainly for foods that don’t come with labels. Thanks for asking ')

There had been a TAG group on the old site. Total Available Glucose (TAG) dates back decades and is a variation on the exchange approach. An [old book on it is still available][1]. I actually find that TAG lives in the recommendation that 50% of protein be counted as (equivalent) carbs. This is particularly helpful on very low carb diets where the protein portion of the meal actually may be a higher glucose load than the dietary carbs. I personally don’t count fat and consider the 10% fat factor to be just a “fudge” that somewhat accounts for the way that fat slows down digestion and causes an inefficiency between what you eat and your bolus.

I do not use TAG, as Brian says it has been around for years. I tend to fudge up based on my poor estimation and then because I am so poor at carb counting I correct if I see my blood sugar rising rapidly. I have to admit I use about one unit over the carb counting suggested bolus on my pump.

My blood sugar is so volatile that I can eat 2 oz of vegetables and have my blood sugar go up 40 points in less than an hour. So I am not a great example of how most folks react to carbs.

I wish you the very best.