LCT is getting closer than any of the big pharmies out there

I hate to sound like one of those conspiracy theorists but pharmaceuticals are there to turn a profit and Type 1 diabetes treatment is a cash cow. There was a time when there was only 2 companies out there making insulin; Lilly and Novo Nordisk. Then came Sanofi Aventis and they literally killed the others. I don’t think Lilly even makes insulin anymore. Read this here:

Anyway, as stated on my page, I’ve been watching a New Zealand company for about 4 years now that has been working on an islet transplant that will not require immunosupressive drugs. The name of the company is LCT Global. They are truly a revolutionary company that may really have a way of treating diabetes and may make living with type 1 a walk in the park compared to what we are all used to. Go to their website and watch the embedded video/news story about the company and the interview with the man that was given the islet transplant 10 years ago. It just seems very odd that this company could be ultra-close to a treatment of this caliber and they still fly under the radar of most diabetics I know.

Please follow up on this blog as I would like to hear other people’s opinions. Thanks for reading.

Here is a little more information about encapsulation technology. LCT is working with micro-encapsulation technology which has had promising results. There is another project, also under the radar, called Solving Diabetes Project which is researching macro-encapsulation. This project is a collaboration between Dr. Lakey, the co-inventor of the Edmonton Protocol and Cerco Medical. The goal is to develop a technology that will provide stable blood glucose levels without the use of immunosuppressant drugs or injected insulin. It would also be retrievable and replaceable, unlike the LCT technology. These will be two key factors for getting FDA approval to do the procedure in the States.