LCT's DIABECELL Registered for Sale and Use in Russia

Encouraging news & progress from Living Cell Technologies Here's hoping!

That Is quite encouraging Gerri, particularly the part about the way the encapsulated pork islets do not require immunosuppressant drugs. I wonder if any or If/when our FDA would approve this, should it prove successful in New Zealand after their clinical trials.

God bless,


Want to go to Russia with me?

I would definitely consider it...but then you know I am a hopeful volunteer in Dr.Faustman's research here in the states (Massachusetts Genreral in Boston),and her research may just lead to us being able to grow our own beta cells. I am truly believing in a cure in both our lifetimes, Gerri. I am a cup is always half-full optimist Actually , I know that "my cup runneth over", but that's another theme( lol).

God Bless,


I have great hopes for Dr. Faustman. She's brilliant. Imagine us having a choice of cures! How's that for optimism:)

Wow with 2 cures we will have " embarras the richesse"

Wouldnt that be nice!

I'm so grateful some countries can bring new research and development to market without hindrance from the FDA. Looking forward to more reports on LCT; particularly, whether their treatment will mean a patient can get off insulin or for how long euglycemia lasts even if a patient still must use insulin.