Leadville 100 in 2015

Doing Leadville 100 in 2015.
Have any Type 1’s done this event?
Was wondering about the High altitude (above 10,000 feet) on diabetes? does it have an effect?

I road biked from 5200 to 10200ft near Boulder once, and didn't notice any problems with altitude. I've got a ride this weekend that will go from 500 to 9200ft elevation in California - so we'll see how that goes! But I don't expect any insulin-related issues.

If you contact John Moore and Peter nerothin …they have done it before, pnerothin@gmail.com

First off, pure insanity, Kent. And I mean that in the nicest possible way. [wave]

Watch out for the skittish Powerline descent and, on your way back, the brutal ascent of same!... That should be fun. Here's one BAD ■■■ MO FO descending it, not taking the p-line but routing himself down through the ruts and going at his own fast pace (until he gets stuck behind the slowpokes).

Powerline Descent, Leadville 2011

Given, it is very steep, and very sketchy, but if you are a descender (I am) some of the peeps on the trail will certainly make your day harder like the 35 riders he passed do for him. Ugh.

You will have a lot to deal with all on your own with D, regardless of the altitude. I don't know about altitude affecting you any more than anything else. I raced 12 Hours of Rim Nordic near Lake Arrowhead and we started at 6,750, and topped out around 7,400. That top will be like HALF of where you will be at the top of Leadville (hee hee), but it was still very up in the air for us lowlanders, and took its toll to some extent (very winded, yes). I didn't have any altitude-related issues to speak of, other than being knackered by the end of my fifth lap.

Just keep on with your protein intake (Perpetuem worked great for me, YMMV).


Hey, just curious, did you get Leadville via a qualifying race from last year?

I've been wanting to race Leadville for years, in fact I just put myself into the Lottery for the third year...hopefully I'll get in this year. I'd love to do a qualifying race like Tahoe, but I work weekends and it's too difficult to get the extra time off for a qualifier.

I don't have any feedback on altitude with regards to managing BG's, but I can't imagine it will have much of an impact. The highest elevation I've trained at is around 6000 ft.

Regardless, good luck in Leadville and keep in touch. Hopefully I'll be there with you.