Leaky Bad Pods

Hi there.

Last night, I opened a new box of pods and the first four out of the box
have leaked during filling or during priming. Then the fifth one gave a
occlusion error but the canula window was filled with insulin. My CGMS
shows that it was working and giving me insulin. The lot number on the box
is L11828. Insulet is going to replace them and I was able to get about
half the insulin back but 50% is a terrible record.

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Thanks for sharing this…I will definately keep an eye out for this problem!

Okay… I don’t know what the number on the box has to do with it occuring for other people. Like… does that mean there’s a good chance it’ll happen for other people with that batch number? The reason I ask… is because I just got my 2nd batch of pods in the mail today… and I, too, have L11828 on the side of the box. I’m not going to be using pods from that box for another week or two… so we’ll see. But, I’ve never had a problem with a pod. I’ve only been pumping for 3 weeks. Will I know right away when there’s a problem? What should I look for?

I added this information because Insulet asked for it. I also have been on the pod only for a short time. I started on Halloween. I wish that I could say that I haven’t had any problems. I have gone thru a memory lost on my PDM and a box of pod set to expire in Jan 09 that were about 50% commuication errors. They replaced everything and even sent me a check to cover the cost of lost insulin.

As far as the problem that I had last night it was very obivious. When I filled the first two pods insulin came out the canula windows and on the other two while it was priming it came out the canula windows. It may not even be a problem with the pods but how they are treated by FedEx. The box that these were shipped in looking like a accident victim. I wish you continued good luck. I am having great luck with my DexCom Seven CGMS. I got 17 days from my first sensor. And the reading were almost always with 10 points of my finger stick.


we’ve been on the pod for almost a year now and have had a few incidents with faulty pods… insulet has replaced all of them and was so nice in the process. we also have had shipping “brutalities” …all I can say is, stick with it! omnipod has been such a wonderful product and company for us, I absolutely cant imagine that it could be better, but I’ll bet it will in the very near future! Use this forum to ask questions, I think the people you will talk to here have much more practical info than anywhere else. Happy Podding!

Emily- Have you started on this box of pods yet? Any problems? I just got my first box of pods (training tomorrow) and they are from that same lot. And since UHC only approves one month at a time, I have no others to work with.
Thanks, Tony