Learning to Juggle

First off, thank you’s to those of you that reached out to me after my last blog entry. I really was at my wits end that evening! Thank you!

You know, this Type 1 stuff is complicated! I’m over the shock and horror of having to give myself the 4 shots a day. It is a little daunting though to have to carry my meter and insulin pens everywhere though. I’ll get used to it soon I’m sure though.

Can’t wait to get my first meter bag from Stick Me Designs! I’m counting the hours til UPS delivers as it will be so nice to have my testing supplies in a pretty bag that fits, not the mass produced black zip up that is too small for all it requires! (Shameless plug there huh?) When I learn how to make that a clickable link, I’ll edit this post so you can do so. Meanwhile, the website is http://www.stickmedesigns.com

So, now I have to learn to juggle better/faster. The Lantus is no big deal any more. One shot, once a day. It’s the business of having to plan my meal, figure my carbs, test my bg, calculate how many units to dial up on the Novolog Flexpen for what my bg is plus the carbs I’ll be eating at that meal and then giving myself the shot 10-15 minutes before I eat the meal. This is fine if I’m ordering in a resturant and can slip into the ladies room while I wait for the food. Trying to cook at home and serve it hot and still do this is a little more work than I’ve mastered so far.

Observation on the differences between the two “pens”. I LOVE how easy the Lantus Solostar is to use. Dial up the number and shoot. The Novolog is NOT as easy to use. The principal is the same, the device is just not as smooth on the shoot part. I found that the button requires more focus as it seems to hang up on a couple of the numbers so I have to be sure to WATCH the dial and not pull it out too soon. The first couple shots were not right as I didn’t realize that it hadn’t clicked back to “zero”. So if you are reading this and getting your first Novolog Flexpen…consider this a word to the wise.

Can you tell I’m starting to feel more “relaxed” about being an insulin dependent Type 1? Now I just have to watch what I eat!


Sounds good. I just read that they will be releasing Apidra (a fast acting insulin) in Solostar pens at some point too. I am trying out a sample of Apidra my doctor gave me and it seems to be a tad faster than Novolog, though shorter in action.

For now it comes in a huge cartridge pen I would NOT recommend, but it is something to think about for the future.

you are going to love Rickina’s bags! it fits my pen and all my supplies. i don’t do the shot until i eat, so i can make sure i’m giving myself the right amount of insulin. as for “slipping into the ladies room” i just do it at my table. no one has ever noticed me with the pen, you can just shoot through your clothes too!

Thank you both for the notes. I’m still learning and appreciate any helpful advice! I do have a question…bruising…I am getting that from the Novolog, not the Lantus shots…why? Any thoughts? I’m still pretty “small” and using the B/D Short pen needle…think I should ask my Dr for the Mini needle?

are you making sure you’re pinching up the skin?