Leave from work

I am 18 weeks pregnant and any trying to figure out how long to take off work. I am a teacher so I will have a bit of time in the summer. My due date is June 2 and school is out May 27…I plan on breastfeeding. So my question is, how long until my bloodsugars leevel off? Any idea how long I should try to be off work??

I taught up until 2 days before my c-section in February. Then I knew I wanted at least three months to be off, so I just took off the rest of the semester. Of course, I decided not to go back to campus in the fall either, so my situation is slightly different.

What do you mean for the blood sugars to level off? Just from breastfeeding, you mean? It differs for every woman, I think. After the first 2-3 months, my blood sugars stopped dropping during breastfeeding sessions. But even in those early days, I would drop only 40 mg/dL or less each time I sat down to feed her. As long as I had a light snack, I was usually good to go. You probably won’t be wildly swinging to the point that you couldn’t work and pump on breaks.

Thank you for your response. You are correct, I was meaning how long it took for your blood sugars to level off from breast feeding and just getting insulin rates (boluses) figured out. I have read about many women struggling with low blood sugars after breast feeding.

It took me about 6 weeks to get my blood sugars at a comfortable place, while breast feeding. I also had a c section, which made my recovery take longer than a vaginal birth.

I am also a teacher. My daughter was due July 22, but I went into labor June 22nd!!! :slight_smile:

I knew not to really rely on my due date. I’m going to see what the OB says about induction and interventions. I want a natural birth, but know that it may not be a possibility. Thank you for your response.