Leaving MiniMed for the Animas Vibe? Anyone Else?


I have been using a Minimed pump since diagnosed (April, 1999) and for the past 3 have really enjoyed the use of a Dexcom. Like many others, I am thrilled about the Animas Vibe being approved in the US since it syncs with the Dexcom and eliminates the carrying one extra device.

While I know nobody has technically "yet" switched to the Vibe (my rep said they start shipping in January), has anyone else switched from the Minimed to Animas? I am curious your experience, if you enjoyed it, did not like it, or anything else!

I met with my rep today and got to play around with the Vibe and noticed a couple things that the Minimed has that are not with the Animas. In addition, has anyone found it difficult without the easy access to the Bolus Wizard? Or going down to a 200 unit reservoir?

I switched to the Ping 2+ years ago because of the hope that the Vibe would be released soon. I hate the Ping and really miss my Medtronic pumps. At the same time I am a huge fan of Dexcom and will not go back to Medtronic unless there is a huge improvement in their sensors. In general the Animas pumps have horrible menu systems compared to Medtronic. The Vibe corrects a few problems of the Ping, but still has a poor menu system with lots of button pushing and no Back/Escape button. I have put in an upgrade order for the Vibe and look forward to only having one device in my pocket. At the same time I am concerned that the Vibe will not have the updated Dexcom software and won’t be quite as accurate and responsive as my current G4.

Interesting - I did not know it would not have the latest G4 software. I guess my G4 was still very accurate before the upgrade so maybe it would be OK?

I'm not a CGMS user, but I recently ditched my Revel for my old Ping pump. I actually have much better luck with the Animas products. I like being able to see the screen easier, I think the cartridges fill nicer (no bubbles) and I think the connection design is better. I had two very high readings with a very very delayed occlusion alarm when I was using the Revel over the last three years. I dont mind the smaller cartrdige, but I dont have a high dose requirement. The Animas only needs a fill a week for me.
There are more buttons to push and you have to get the hang of moving around the screen, but overall I think the change is worth it. Again, not a CGM person but happier with my Animas pump.


Here´s a quick fix to the back/escape button:
1. Activate the audio bolus feature
2. Whenever you´re stuck somewhere in the menu system and you want to go back, push the button on the right hand side of the pump, then press the OK-button and you´re back to the home screen.

Another thing; I´ve used both the Dexcom G4 and the Animas Vibe (still using) and have yet not noticed any difference in accuracy and responsivness.

I have not seen this topic addressed anywhere. Will the rest of the Dex CGM world continue to get software improvements and leave the Vibe frozen in time?

The Dex G4 505 update has a "mean absolute relative difference" or MARD of 9%. The Vibe's MARD is 13%. With MARD, lower is better accuracy.

Thanks, Siri. That is a shortcut back to the home screen. After two plus years of using the Ping, we’ll see if I can remember to use that trick.

I was happy with my G4 before the software upgrade so I think I will be fine with the Vibe. But because the software was part of the FDA approval, the Vibe will not reflect any future improvements from Dexcom.

@Siri Thank you! I activated the audio bolus feature so I can use the shortcut back to the main menu that you just taught us. Do you know of anything else that the audio bolus feature might do that I need to be aware of?

@Gail: No, I don´t. I learned the shortcut from my Animas sales rep, and have never used the regular audio bolus feature, so I can´t help you more than that. Glad you find the shortcut useful.

If it works similar to the Ping and Minimed pump, the audio bolus lets you directly deliver a bolus without using the wizard. The 'audio' feature is either sound or vibrate, and allows user to keep pump in pocket/out of sight while performing it.

However, if you rely on the pump/wizard to calculate your dosage, and check your IOB, it might not be right for you.

I often use this feature on my MM pump, to give a small correction, such as .2 or .4 units. Or if I have a predictable small food/snack and know specifically how much insulin to take to cover it.

In the advanced setting, you set the 'increment/step size'. Then each time you press the button, you are telling it how much insulin to bolus. Then it counts it back to you with audio/vibrate. If you acknowledge it, then it gives the actual bolus.

If you have activated this function, you need to be careful to not unintentionally bolus. Be sure to check your increment level is low if you plan to primarily use it as a menu shortcut/esc key.

This is from the ping user guide
Setup Advanced Screen 1 – Audio Bolus Feature
This screen allows you to:
• Turn Audio Bolus on or off
• Select the Audio Bolus delivery step size
0.1, 0.5, 1.0, 5.0 Units
1. Use the / buttons to scroll to the desired field.
2. Press to change to flashing cursor for Edit mode.
3. Use the / buttons to change to desired setting.
4. Press when setting is made.
NOTE: If Audio Bolus is activated, you cannot use the side button as a shortcut to Normal Bolus. You
can still give a Normal Bolus via the MAIN MENU.