Left leg stumble sometimes while walking

I have noticed over the past few days when I’m out walking my left leg stumbles almost causing me to fall I do walk with a cane so that helps keep me from falling. I have neuropathy in both my feet and legs with the nimbness and the burning pain sometimes but this is the first time of dealing with my leg stumbling I set a dr appointment but he book for the next 3 weeks anyone else dealt with this?

Could it be your ankle? Maybe you could try an Ace bandage ankle brace. Nothing too tight, of course, but just enough for some support during walks. Hard to walk & stay balanced with neuropathy.

Good evening,
One thing you need to have checked is the possibility of back involvement. Have you had any falls or have you had back issues in the past?

My back surgeon called it drop foot and what happened in my case was that the nerves to my leg were being squeezed and therefore when I thought I had lifted my leg and foot I had not really done so as much as I thought and would trip.

I am hoping very much that this is NOT the issue but maybe it is something you should consider.

Wishing you only the best,