Left Over Humalog

Hey I hate to throw these unopened vials of Humalog in the trash as I use Apidria now as my correcting and fast acting. So I have (4) un-opened sealed vials and what can I do with these or does anyone need them as I know they are expensive.

Humalog is still a prescription-only item and, unfortunately, we are not allowed to trade prescription items on tudiabetes.

You might consider donating them to the Life for a Child program which gets insulin to children in third world countries who don’t have access to it.

Or ipump.org here in the states.

Hi Peter…I was going to ask you to leave them on my doorstep…but Melissa is right.

The Life for a Child presentation completely moved me at TCOYD. Those kids are lucky to see just one fresh bottle of insulin at a time. There was one case where the mother was rationing the little bit of insulin she had left not knowing where or when the next bottle would arrive for her precious baby.

And here I am ready to give you my shipping address.

Bad Dino…Baaaaad.