Left side of my body and DexCom7

Last Saturday, I put a new sensor and waited two hrs to calibrate… I was laying on the couch watching whatever my kiddos were watching on TV… I was tired and about to go to sleep… When my DexCom 7 started beepin… The sensor had failed… 45 min after I put it in… So I put my last one in my left side of my stomach and I waited… It took 16 hours before DexCom 7 started reading… But I did calibrated every 2 hours because of the single blood drop on the screen… The transmitter and dexcom 7 was commucating with each other… Then I thought… You know when I change my pump site to my left side, my BG is higher than normal… It takes about 1/2 a day before my BG to come down… On my right side, I don’t have this problem… weird!