Leg pains

Hi Everyone,
My daughter has been complaining of upper leg pains, would this have anything to do with her diabetes? She 6. She also has been fighting a sore throat, sore stomach and headaches,(it’s going around, not strep)
I hate that everytime she complains about something, the first thing I worry about is that something is wrong due to her diabetes…

I think you and I have a lot in common. This is the 2nd or third reply I have made to one of your discussions. We seem to have the same scenarios. My daughter complains of pains in her knee joints. I always figured it was “growing pains” but now that you mentioned it, I think I will be asking at her next appointment.

I also have a seven year old who has been complaining of the same pains, as well as pain in her feet/calf area. I did bring it up at her last appointment and was told that it is not a growing pain, nor it is related to diabetes, just a pain… Possibly from wrong shoes, walking too much, or just no reason at all. LOL