Leg rashes

Does anyone ever get red, itchy rashes on lower limbs ? I’ve been driven crazy with itchy legs all night :woozy_face:
I don’t believe it’s an allergy and I have no fever or other symptoms but just itchy red rash on my legs. Calamine lotion has eased the irritation but I am aware skin conditions are common for type 1s. Any advice or experiences with skin conditions??

Do you take statins?

No. I’m not on any statins.

Diabetics are more likely to be dehydrated. Add that to reduced blood flow in extremities.

I would try some everyday lotion on your legs and see if it helps.
I have very dry skin so I lotion every day

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I do occasionally. I see a Dermatologist and in addition to oral medications he prescribes a topical cream.


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I have had a summer rash in July through early Sept. for several years. It occurs on my upper legs and lower back near my hips. My dermatologist suggested using Allegra tablets. I also use Cortisone cream to relieve the itching. Those products are over-the-counter. A friend described her problem, and it sounds exactly like mine. Her dermatologist called ir seasonal hives.

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In my case it was only one leg. Topical steroids worked wonders (Rx). It as lichen planus, I suspect.

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