Leg use

Ok I have seen several people on here talking about using theirs calfs as a site for your pod… What are your thoughts I have thought about this and can’t decide. Does it hurt? Get in your way? Come out easier? Help me plz

well, i thought that calves tend to have alot of muscle and we try to avoid hitting a muscle for insertion? How is it possible to use this site? : )

I am not really sure, but I have heard that you can so thought I would ask… I am having issues with using my arm to much, don’t like using my back and sides cause of sitting and laying on side. Never used my leg, but I wear jeans all the time, so I would feel weird wearing on my legs…

One of my favorite places. If you use the search feature and type "calf" you can find some discussions on the topic.

This is a Pic of my first calf placement a little over two years ago. Try and place it between the two muscles down there. I use a little bit of flexifix to make sure it stays now (had some sleeping and leg crossing issues rip a few off)