Lens Film

Correct me if I’m wrong but does the Ping ship with an installed “lens film”? I noticed that I am able to peel off the outer layer of my screen and if this is the same as the lens film that they are selling on the website, I would like to replace it. Please let me know if others have tried this.


Link to Lens Film

I believe that is the case - I just recently took mine off because it was getting scuffed, and I too would like to purchase another to continue to protect the screen.

yes, the ping comes with the lens film in place, but you can order new ones…Lens Protection Film Kit - 3 films/box. part#
100-521-00 @ $12.95/box (in canada). i am not sure if the part# would be the same in the US or elsewhere. hope this helps!

Yes it is the film that they sell, they used to ship the the pump without the film, and for a while didnt sell protection film. I would recommend buying their film, it is much better than say a store bought film, which I had tried before they made theirs and it didnt work well at all. GL.

I bought the lens film protection kit and they are great, very easy to install and provide great protection

The lens film on the Ping when it ships is not identical to the ones sold by Animas. It is a fairly flimsy, easily peeled film to protect the screen during packaging and shipping. The ones sold by Animas are much thicker and provide excellent protection for your screen. I purchased them for my original 2020 pump and now for my Ping. They work great and last a long time. Well worth the expense.

You are talking about the film kit, right? I bought it, but haven’t used it yet.

I just got a replacement pump and it says the film is meant to be kept on. So I gather this is the one they are now selling. It clearly states not to remove it. Was not on the Ping I received two years ago when I traded my Cozmo.

Yeah, I’m talking about the film kit. It has three pieces of film so it lasts a long time. I put one on my Ping when I got it last October. I’m still using the same one and there’s barely a mark on it.