Lens Protectors Pulling Lens Sealant off

Has anyone else had this problem with their Animas pump? I have a Ping and last summer, removed a lens protector and notices that a thin line of putty-ish material came off from around the pump lens, stuck to the lens protector. Condensation built up under the lens and I had to get a new pump-- luckily I had a week left on the original warranty. I be getting a new Animas pump this August and I don't want to have problems with sealant coming off. what have other people done to avoid this?

I am a former animas pumper … I remember the protector but never had the material you speak of. I did have problems with the control button rubber protector ungluing causing it to malfunction . Call the animas help line

I don't know what sealant you are talking about but the soft (thicker) protection film is not to be taken off. It protects the lens from getting scratched. Also this lens protector is smaller than the lens by a millimeter (1/25") or so. Therefore even if you pull it off it would not effect the seal of the clear lens to the pump body.
To check if you pulled a seal do the following; The pump is water proof, if you put it in a glass of water and it leaks water in, you call Animas and they replace it under warranty within a day.
Good luck.

I’m pretty sure I know what you mean.

The screen protector on mine was always getting very grimy. After wearing it for more than a year, it began rolling up and even tearing a bit on the edges where, inspecting it closely, I found some oily, sticky grey residue. Being kind of a neatnick about anything I wear inside my underwear (Lol. Ok Ok… I only carry it in the top half but still!) I began to get a bit grossed out.

Someone here explained the screen protectors should be replaced every once in a while which was news to me at the time. You can get them from (guess where?!) the Animas website. Not horribly expensive or best of luck getting your insurance company to pay. In the end, I never had to do so because the pump was having some technical issues and Animas replaced it.

Not sure how helpful that all is but just wanted you to know I’ve seen it too.


You can get a kit from Animas with 3 lens protectors plus a syringe of stuff to help remove the old film, clean the lens, clean your fingers etc. It comes with instructions as to how to replace the protection film. Animas charged me £10 (=$17) for it.

I’ve replaced my screen protector with no problems. I bought the kit from Animas after I had a horrible scratch one week after starting my new Ping. Fortunately they are much easier to apply than the protectors you buy for phones.

What you described just happened to me yesterday. I wonder why Animas made it that way.