Lessons Learned About the OmniPod

Let’s face it. Nobody and nothing is perfect. Have you made any mistakes using the OmniPod? Have you experienced any problems with the OmniPod? Share your experiences with the OmniPod and the lessons you have learned and maybe you can help someone else from making the same mistake or having the same problem.

Both my daughter and I have type 1 diabetes. I am using the OmniPod using vials of Novolog. My daughter is still using multiple daily injections using both Lantus and Novorapid. The vials of Lantus look very similar to the vials of Novolog. Two weeks ago, I filled a new OmniPod with Lantus instead of Novorapid. The next day, I noticed that I lost control of my blood sugar levels and the insertion site had some slight pain. I removed the OmniPod thinking that something must be wrong with the insulin. It was then I realized that I had filled it with my daughter’s Lantus. I took a break from the OmniPod for a day until all of the Lantus was out my system. Now I keep my medicine in a separate container in the refrigerator and always double-check the vial.

Hey your not the first to mix medicines, don’t fret it.
We put 20 units of fast acting humalog into our son instead of the lantus. Thank god we recognized it immediately and didn’t put him to bed.

Ever try to get kid to eat 300 carbs???

Another nice thing about pumping… one insulin to keep track of. You really have your hands full with the two of ya on different regimens.

When did you get the pod? We have had ours since Sept 12 and love it.

I went to a Yankees game this spring. You all might remember the game…Yankees are down by 1 run 2 outs based loaded bottom of the ninth inning. A-Rod, who at this point has never hit a REALLY clutch home run for the Yankees, is at the plate. A-Rod FINALLY hits a big home run; a walk-off grand slam! In the ensuing celebration my PDM must have fallen off my waist. I noticed as soon as I started walking down the ramp to leave Yankee Stadium. I went back to my seat and the only thing I found was $50 on the ground. I’ve never been so angry to find money. It was a Saturday and Insulet couldn’t ship me a new PDM until Monday. I was really annoyed that I’d have to go back to insulin shots for a few days. A few hours later after many calls to Yankee Stadium lost andnd and just before I was about to give up and take off my pod my cell phone rang. It was a woman whose husband picked up my PDM after thinking it was a cell phone. They realized when he got home that it wasn’t a cell phone at all and they googled “omnipod.” They realized it was an important medical device and they figured out how to find the owner’s contact information and called me. I was extremely relieved and grateful. Moral of the story-make sure you put your contact information in your PDM! If possible I’d recommend buying a backup PMD as well.

My daughter doesn’t wear hers on her belt, but inside her PDM case, I made a laminated card with her contact info which also states what the unit is & that it’s of no value except to the insulin pump wearer & that a reward is offered for its return.

Excellent idea!