Let the layoffs begin!

I may be the first, but I will not be the last, lol.
Everybody is well acquainted with this recession routine by now…

I understand that sentiment completely, Jen.

In a rush of end of the world adrenaline and all the fun of not having to go back to work, I called the pharmacy with a Lantus to NPH conversion question. I was secretly gonna ask out the pharmacist, finally. Not there. He escaped again. He was working earlier today. He looked more miserable that usual, but also taller. He’s definitely tall. DAMN IT!!! No fun to be had at all. This apocalypse is going all wrong and not at all like it was supposed to!

Oh well, at least I can enjoy watching this dog tear up my work paperwork. that is quite enjoyable.

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Sorry to hear that @mohe0001. It’s coming to so many of us that even certain unnameable politicians are going to be compelled to act. This whole mess is ultimately going to change many things. Just hope we can all hold on until then.


Hmmm…maybe they could make companies put call centers back in the US? :wink:
It would provide jobs that can be done from homes…Just saying…


Actually, there’s a ton of people laid off. I called the people I worked with before this job and they are all closed up and out of work. I had no idea. This is all happening so fast. I can barley keep up. When did EVERYBODY go out of business? Oh, well. Thats the apocalypse for ya’. Figures. Figures something would go wrong with this awesome apocalypse.

Put on your seat belts everybody! All the recessions leading up to this one might have just been for practice.

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I actually dont think this is bad as previous ones - its gonna hit the service sector badly, but everybody else will be up and moving pretty quick after a month or two.

An idea, might be useful for some…

Jobs for Those Whose Careers Are on Hold Because of Coronavirus

My paper told readers grocery stores are looking for help. I am retired, no job needed. Very sorry for those who will be out of a job. Nancy50

I heard on the news that Walmart Canada will be hiring 10,000 employees.

I heard last week that Amazon will be hiring 100,000 employees. Who knows if that’s still accurate; things are changing so fast.

I heard that the federal government of Canada will be contracting with Canadian companies to manufacture protective equipment and ventilators. I find this simultaneously terrifying and heartening.

Hopefully all these things will help in small ways to balance out the economic impacts on other industries.

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I keep getting email blasts from City Market (Kroger family) that they’re desperate to hire, too.

My husband took a leave of absence after his company deployed him to a terribly sick area of Mexico and left him there for several days, where there’s no official testing, but locals seem to have completely given up on trying to avoid it. Usually we love that company, it’s a good family vibe. We’ve yet to determine if he’ll go back. It would be a pay cut the first few years, but will probably go fly for FexEx or something instead.

I gave up outside work when we moved here, so there’s no loss for me there.

For now, we’ll probably just focus on the farm and homestead. Maybe we can make it into something more profitable, rather than just a hobby/lifestyle to support us. He always jokes about flying to support his farming habit.

A true gentleman farmer!

Hi guys im an aussie farmer… im watching the whole world go to crap we hit stage 1 restrictions today… catch is even if agg is an essiential service the things we need arnt seen as such… im still trying to work out whats possible and whats not…

Can you speak more about that? I don’t know anything about farming, but its interesting. US is already sending food to China because their growing season got messed up.

Maybe not the most useful, but…

Some of the things we need are superphosphate and chemicals… when china stopped the factorys things like roundup went into an incredable short supply … with australia heading into lockdown or very close to it.

Here we are isolated from the citys the virus will get here given enough time… was in the city for 2hrs yesterday they will have a big problem soon…

Really is nuts over here and the ones running the country may send this country into a depression…

The world has gone to crap in my eyes.

How much will it effect your production to not have those chemicals? Can you grow anything that will mitigate the risk of crop failure? https://www.bloomberg.com/press-releases/2019-07-08/top-5-vendors-in-the-single-superphosphate-ssp-market-from-2019-to-2023-technavio

Just curious, if you had 100 people spread over a vast amount of land, weeding by hand, how much acreage could you cover?

People are complaining of BP med shortages because they are manufactured in CHina.

We have all kinds of people hiring, @JamesIgoe. Somewhat surprising, but they have started making public service announcements. They released stay at home orders for this Friday (governor) for 2 weeks. They are defining 80% of jobs critical, though, so most people will still go to work.


Sorry to hear it. Everything around me is shut down. I think we’re going to be in a very different place in a few months. Stay strong and be careful until then.

Its the right thing to do to keep the liquor stores open. Even with that, the local police/medics are getting calls for DT. I think we are having illegal drug supply chain shortages. :confused: Some people are having a really tough time.