Let's be well GIVEAWAY!

You can be the winner of one LET’S BE WELL box! This box will help you define a roadmap to help take back your health and your life. When you open this box, we want you to feel inspired to become the best version of you. It starts with one small step.

How to participate?
Share with us what do you do to be well. We will randomly pick a winner.

Check back Monday 7/16 for the winner announcement!

More information here: https://letsbewellbox.com/

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I have been on Bernstein’s low carb and now have gone to the carnivore diet. Carnivore only, especially if with beef, supplies all vitamins, etc.


Okay—Give me a Curmudgeonly Moment—and then I’ll play on the off chance it might help someone…As a curmudgeon—I don’t really like “games” that involve life and death circumstances…Thanks for bearing with me…

Now: I’ve kept it simple in terms of over all health—the kind that involves illnesses—short or long term. Eating low carb a la Bernstein (25-30 carbs/day or less) has done it for me—along with—very importantly—constantly adapting my exercise routines as aging and injury dictates–including some vigorous sitting exercise for when 1 or both legs are out of commission (knee surgeries and most recently, a broken femur)….

That’s it. Minimize carbs and keep moving no matter what—LOL—you should see the cane-inspired “jig” I’m working on right now—it inspires loud laughter—another very important component of staying healthy—laughter. If it is an unfailingly gloomy day–they do, unfortunately–happen—well, I pull out my full set of all 11 seasons of MASH!..

BTW—once you’ve done low carb for awhile, explored substitutes and adaptations (including yummy rich desserts or gooey midwestern casseroles) it’s just no big deal. It just becomes—this is food. This is the way I eat—as does my non-diabetic husband!


The thing I do well is keep my blood sugar in the range prescribed by my doctor - 70 to 170. I resided there 92% in the last three months.


I’ve tried several things - currently following a low-carb eating approach, but the one thing I feel MOST contributes to “taking back my good health” since diagnosis has been to learn as much as I can about the disease, its treatment and others’ experiences. My feeling from the get-go was that the most powerful tool in this fight is information - and I strive to learn all that I can.

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I follow a low carb and low glycemic diet as best as possible. I’m certainly not perfect! I have type 1 and am really careful with my diabetes care. However problems with my Omnipod PDM not communicating properly with my pods saw A1c jumped from 6.6 to 7.5. Feeling a bit frustrated and overwhelmed with no working pump and going back to MDI. This box looks fabulous and would sure lighten my mood if won!

The winner using a random name picker is…


Wow! Great. Pax4pax is my user name, not my real name.

What do I do next.

Thanks. I glad to have been picked and look forward to using the prize,


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Yay! Happy to have been “picked” and look forward to enjoying the prize.



Hey I made the top 5. Wow that is fantastic.

Please send me by private message your name and mailing address.

Thanks. I hope that this is right, just doing a reply to this email. But, in any regard, here is that info:

Jim Quinlan
6300 Sagewood Dr H639

Park City UT 84098