Let's cheer Crystal Bowersox up!

Let’s show our Crystal Bowersox our support!

I just read that she’s going through a lot of pressure and has considered leaving American Idol…

American Idol: Noooo, say it ain’t so! Our Idol-lovin’ hearts broke a little this morning when we heard rumors that this season’s only hope front-runner Crystal Bowersox almost walked out on the competition a few weeks ago, saying it was just too much to handle.

Lucky for us, Idol’s very own Superman, Ryan Seacrest, was on hand to save the day. Ryan confirms reports that he tracked down an emotionally drained and homesick Crystal in the parking lot after a show some two weeks ago and talked her down: “The greatest thing I ever did was make enough money so I could buy my mom a house,” he told her. "You can buy your mom a house."

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Crystal, you’re the only reason I’m watching this season - whatever happens, you will be a great success as you have great talent!

Me too, Crystal. You’re the ONLY reason I watch this silly show! You are a talent, and you deserve this for yourself and your family, and your child… We are all so very proud of you, and and we will be behind you no matter what… So don’t give up! I know life is hard, but you can do this! Women are like tea; we don’t know how strong we are until we’re in hot water! :wink: Chin up.

You are the most talented girl I’ve seen on Idol in all the seasons I’ve watched. You’re amazing. We love you!

Crystal you are awesome. I am behind you 100 percent. It’s almost over, don’t give up!

Crystal - I so want to encourage you to stay & fight through the homesickness & separation anxiety(?) - you are the most authentic, legitimate talent (no offense to any other contestant) on AI this year. You are so true to yourself, - you know who you are, what you are capable of, and don’t display outwardly the pressure you must feel. Such a talent - I so respect you & your personal integrity. I do believe this is why Simon likes & respects you (at least it seems this way) - you are not afraid to answer questions/suggestions given by the judges, and are confident in doing so. You have not changed who you are &.or why you are there - to simply be Crystal for all to see. I am sure you will win this year - but even if not, you will always be admired for your charisma, genuine altruistic nature, & basic goodness - to both your self and to others. You are wonderful. I so wish I had had an example like you to look at when I was much younger - you blow away all those “I can’t do it, I’m sick; my diabetes won’t let me; I’m too weak; it will interfere with my glucose/being able to test/diet/etc/etc” excuses. I am not trying to add to the pressure you are experiencing, - just enjoy it. What a n accomplishment! Celebrate it, and know that we as one part of your home community love you no matter what. Way to go, way to be!!!

There are only a few weeks left. Those few weeks can & will change the rest of your life. Stay well, stay strong, and stay :slight_smile:

I agree with all here!! But to tell you the truth I’m like Alan and Lizmari Your the ONLY reason I’m watching this season!!! KEEP IT UP GIRL!!!

Oh sweet, beautiful Mama, just focus on the outpouring of LOVE for you from around the world! Stay happy and healthy for your son. Very soon, your music will be back in your hands and your life will once again be your own. Hugs, Love and Peace to you from a fellow T1 Mama. :slight_smile:

Love you Crystal! I know you can do it! You are hands down the best IMHO.


We’re all pulling for you! Add me to your many fans. I never watched American Idol until I saw a post about you here.

Hope you will continue so others can enjoy your talent!

Crystal, I look forward to watching American Idol because YOU are on it! I LOVE listening to you sing. You bring my spirits up, girl! Please find the strength to continue as I see you becoming a huge star. AND, I want to buy your CD’s.

Crystal… my whole family supports you… all the way from Malaysia!! =)

Crystal, you touched my heart with tonights song! In my opinion you don’t need to continue with Idol. You are already a star!!!

Crystal- I finally managed to catch you on AI- You truly outshine your competition- Hang in there! Seriously, I’m not an AI fan, I think the show is a bit cruel, and sometimes a bit painful to watch, but when I heard we had a PWD on, I’ve been trying to catch you- Lord, you have talent!

I’ll be voting for you, Good Luck!

Great performance tonight!!!

I always love your performances but tonight’s really touched me, and I cried, too. Alicia Keys has it right - you are somethin’ special!

Here in the UK we get the show a day later, and I have just been completely blown away by Crystal! Im afraid the rest of the performers sounded completely second rate in comparison, except maybe the big guy who is probably the only viable rival. Whatever happens, I expect to be hearing of Crystal;s success for many years to come, wherever life takes her. Wonderful!

Go Crystal Go - Cheering for you all the way. You really CAN sing. :slight_smile:

I cant imagine the pressure you are going through, but if you hang in there great things are going to come. you have made me a fan. thanks