Let's figure this out. *edit*

So I posted a forum topic about my apidra issue. Basically I find that it it dosnt work for me. One night I had to take 60 units to cover a simple salad (that didnt even have croutons). So some folks suggested I open a new pen and try that to see of maybe the one I am using is defective. So I figured…why not. I already paid for around 10 pens and they are just sitting in my fridge. So I wanted to just write in here and log how it goes tonight.
For the past couple of days I havent been taking insulin because I’m just really frustrated.
So I just tested my GL after eating a turkey lunchmeat sandwich for dinner and it’s at 384.
I took 10 units of Apidra. I will test again in about an hour to see if there is any change.

So an hour later and my GL is 379. I give up. What am I supposed to do? take a unit for every point of GL? I’m frustrated to tears right now. It really isnt worth all this frustration.

What kind of bread was it for your sandwich??

I find wheat is the best for me. Rye (real rye) is also good. White bread kaiser roll, potatoe bread…all that shoots me sky high.

I dont think the turkey is the boosting factor. I Eat turkey and cheese wraps regulary and havent had a problem. Even using regular tortilla with it its not too bad.

It’s not the bread I’m worried about. It’s weather or not my insulin works. It was wheat btw.

Yeah I just read your other discussion. Im getting it now.

Im kind of a difficult patient lol. And my Doctor realizes this and is great about it. He told me hes not about to adjust anything while my treatment is going fine. Hopefully after my a1c coming up everything will be fine. I resist change.

Stressing out about it could be lending to the increase as well. May have to just straight out tell him when you hit you appointment coming up…this is just not working for me.

I plan to. I want to ask if maybe I’m doing something wrong…I have no idea. We’ll see what he says.

Please call your doctor as soon as you can. Whatever the reason, Apidra isn’t working (bad insulin or you’re highly resistant to Apidra). At high doses insulin becomes unpredictable because of absorption problems.

Are you priming the pen beforehand? I would call and get a different fast acting insulin right away…no fooling around. Please dont give up…you just cant sweetie! Please, Please, get another fast-acting insulin ASAP!

I’ve a couple of thoughts. I wonder if your insulin to carb ratio is wrong. I noted when I looked up the information on apidra, you must take it 15 minutes before up to 20 minutes after eating. Are you falling within this range? Are you sure insulin is coming out of the needle? I’d dial up a couple of units and shoot it onto a tissue, to see if its actually working. Sometimes it might not be.

I would call my doc in the morning and ask for something else to try. It doesn’t sound like this particular insulin is working for you. What other insulins have you tried? I use Novalog, and it works great, for me. Might be worth looking into.

Have you met with a diabetes educator and a dietician? They can help you to figure out the carb to insulin ratio which works for you! Its more of an art than a science.

Also, I’ve noticed my blood sugars run higher if I’m getting sick, if I’m less active than usual, or depending on my menstrual cycle.

I know how frustrating this can be, but calling in your medical team, meeting with the right educators and getting on the right insulin will help you. Don’t give up yet. In fact, I’d call your doc today. He/she is working for you, get them earning that $$

Good luck, please update later this week to let us know where you are. I hate to see a fellow diabetic in such a state.

Jessica, I know it might be a silly question but do you also take a basal insulin? I’ve looked to see (maybe I missed it)…but I haven’t read if you also use a basal insulin.

I really do appreciate all of the support and help. By “it really isnt worth all the frustration” I ment the Apidra. :slight_smile:

My endo told me to prime the pen by clicking it to 2 and letting it release into the cap. I get maybe a tiny drop. Is that right? I’m just kinda new to this, and I guess I’m not understanding everything fully, and I feel like it’s not explained to me properly…I almost wish I saw my endo more often than every 6 weeks. I’ve checked all my pens and they all expire in 2011…shrugs

If it’s the solosatr pens for apidra and/or lantus… you jsut need to fire a couple of units in a tissue or whatever to make sure there is no air… it’s fairly simple. I’m not familiar with the us numbers all that much but 384 seems like super high… I’m not familar with apidra but from what i understand is it’s quite similar to novorapid which is what i’m on. Perhaps checking that insulin type out would be beneficial. 60 units for a salad is insane btw… 60 units would put me horizontal for sure. Definately dont give up and talk with a doctor or your endo.

Jessica. What basal insulin are you using? And is it by pen also? or Syringe? Please check the forum on the main page. Discussion on Pen Usage.