Let's have a jolly sing song

Feeling low or some call it depression and I have that came overcome you in seconds told it is all a state of your mind how reassuring we seem to have little or no control on our emotions I suppose that is one drawback being human wonder if any other species get depression would imagine our closet cousins in the monkey World get depressed, I know when I am getting depressed I play songs from my teenage years like house of the rising son ferry cross the Mersey if I do not think of positive things I can soon be on that elevator to the bottom of the dark pit.
The trouble is the baggage you accumulate growing up begins to weigh you down, for we are not really ourselves being part mom part dad where are in this mixture where am I , we are nurtured and affected by our environment, hampered by the customs habits of those around us from the day we are born or even earlier in the womb so to say we start with a clean sheet is not in my opinion right.
One major contribution to depression is loneliness I spend 8 to 10 hours a day with only cats to keep me company ok that's fine they keep me busy feeding petting cleaning but to be honest there has to be more to life than that Jim, I can hear some of you saying he is talking out of the top of his hat perhaps I am but at least I am at this moment getting it of my chest if not of my mind.
Been to the doctors taking the pills but who wants to be on pills for the rest of there lives so what is the solution I have no idea all I know is when you feel low you really need a shoulder to lean on.
Today I visited the diabetic nurse got on the scales lost 2lbs had blood taken and got a few kind words from the nurse taking insulin Novomix twice daily and Insulatard innolet at bedtime how can you loose weight with this much insulin being pumped into your system daily, anyone with weight problems knows how I feel, Diabetes heart failure gout just to name a few do tend to slow you down and at times make you feel low.
If you are depressed after reading this sorry but they do say a trouble shared is a trouble halved, checking on cat's all snoring away, best wishes twiddle

Who knew Billy Shear was still singing? And looks like everybody seems to still love him. LOL