Let's Not Forget the Bacon!

@Brian_BSC I don’t have a bottle on hand right now, but of the store bought tomato based bbq sauces, Stubb’s is lower in carbs and not bad at all.

Oh @BadMoonT2 - your picture post has made me hungry. I posted a few subjects on my FB page yesterday about BACON … and it’s like … such a purrfect low carb meal. Though I did have to post a link for vegan bacon, as many of my readers/followers there have actually unfollowed OR defriended me there due to my bacon posts. I swing both ways (get your head out of the gutter if you are thinking about something else) … I go from vegetarian one day to meat the next. Like to keep the gut working with the various foods I introduce into my system. Bacon, bacon, bacon :slight_smile:

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I am not sure how to insert a punography clip but, here is the content:

I want to grow my own food, but I can’t find any bacon seeds.

[cartoon: anguished man head with hands over face]


I see that my last post in May stopped all bacon postings. But will give it one more try with a question.

Why is it that restaurant cooks (I mean regular restaurants, not those that cost $50-$300 per diner) refuse to cook truly crisp bacon? Why do they leave the fat floppy?
I always ask for “burnt bacon” because ‘crispy’ means floppy apparently, and 1 out of 100 times I get it just right, meaning all crispy, including fat. If I get it half crispy, I just cut off the floppy part and leave it. If more than half not crispy I send it back. Half of those returns come back crispy, the other half close enough that I can’t complain but still not my preference.

This is a huge range of restaurant types from diners to decent mid-range prices.

Anyone else have a preference for true all-crispy bacon? Am I the only one with the “floppy fat” problem? I would guess that many of the true bacon aficionados on here really are OK with chewy fat portions.
I decided, after a bad experience today, that I will just stop ordering bacon at breakfast. I think the cook was mad after I sent back practically raw bacon that I had asked to be ‘burnt.’

I used to have a floppy-fat problem… oh wait, we’re talking about bacon. Yes! I love true crispy bacon. I usually just don’t order bacon when out to eat because of this. SO, on the other hand, likes crispy parts with floppy fat. I find it similar to getting a piece of gristle, just not a pleasing texture.

I really want some bacon right now.

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My husband and I like it crisp, too, so at home I bake the bacon on parchment paper on a sheet tray-just have to pay close attention at the end so it doesn’t burn.

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:laughing: :laughing: Well played!

I think it has to do with time and cost.

Crispy bacon takes longer which can delay not only your order, but the orders behind yours, all adding to the cost. Note this also adds stress for the kitchen staff if they have a fairly short turnaround for getting orders out. Plus, there might not be any bacon left if cooked crispy if the restaurant is getting a poor cut of bacon - which means they might have to buy a more expensive bacon to satisfy crispy bacon lovers like you, LOL!

In the little coffee shop where I work, orders that take longer to make are hated by the kitchen staff. Yes, we still do our utmost to produce a quality product, but when there are lots of tickets lined up with lots of customers waiting for food, there is some gnashing of teeth when I drop a special order/lots of prep order in the queue.

YogaO, you probably are correct and i appreciate the other side of the story.
On the other hand, I can’t imagine that busy kitchens don’t cook bacon ahead of time, knowing lots of people will order it. They could also put one of those flat iron things on top of the bacon on the grill and it will cook fast and evenly with no extra work. If allowed to curl up as it cooks, half the bacon is no longer touching the pan and doesn’t cook as quickly as the portion touching pan. Common sense.

I take your point on time, really I do. These days, however, I rarely see anyone order an “as is” dish on the menu. Or maybe we should just order items that are generically prepared. Hard to go wrong with just eggs, for example, or salads.
I will only order bacon at one place now, because the cook knows exactly how to cook the whole strip and is willing to do so.

Thanks for your very good explanation from the other side. Though I still have a view from this side!

Oooh—and can priestesses “seas” glittery, sparkly, objets’d art to drape upon their “seasy” bods?