Let's Play With Numbers

I hate math. But life is all about numbers; especially a diabetic life. I guess my hatred for math could be one reason why I have such a difficult time getting through life and controlling my diabetes. I'm not bad at math, it actually isn't all that difficult in a day-to-day perspective. I just hate doing it, especially all day, everyday, over and over again. Ugh!

For a diabetic, math comes up a million times a day. Counting carbs, protein, fat, and calories with every meal. Checking blood sugar at least four times a day. Determining insulin dosage based on those food counts and blood sugar readings at least four times per day.

Yeah, it’s a number game.

I was in bed trying to fall asleep the other night and I got to wondering just how many times I’ve pricked my finger and injected myself in my lifetime. Then the question evolved to how many doctors visits, tests, procedures, hospitalizations, surgeries, etc., I’ve had because of my diabetes.

I’ve been diabetic for 27 years. Let’s add up the numbers.

These are mostly estimates due to the fact that schedules and routines have changed year to year…and other factors.

Finger pricks: >40,000

Injections (not just insulin): >50,000

Pills: >150,000

Doctor visits: >300

Lab Draws: >120

Hospitalizations: 8

Tests (other than lab draws): >100

Procedures (not surgery): >30

Surgeries: 6

And many, many more numbers to come!


Like Shoshana said, LIFE IS NUMBERS. There's no escaping it, even if you don/t have diabetes. But Math can be your friend if you give it a chance...

You could with good reason and better management of BG stop counting carbs. And that is not a radical departure from common practice. Carb counting doesn't work for everyone. Instead take a look at the food and take your best estimate based on past experience of how much insulin you need at the time in your activity schedule. Another way to eliminate math could be a bolus by tone. On minimed one can program a number. Then each press of the B button boluses that number and each three presses tones a rising scale. Then the CGM graph. One stays out of the red zone and out of the yellow zone and stays in the white zone. No numbers there. I was surprised when diabetic doctors discussed the inadequacy of carb counting and that it was not required. The dietician present insisted that carb counting was happening without it being recognized as such.

do you mean EYE BALLING?
i do that all the time

sometimes it works
sometimes it does not
oh well
like today

I have found that carb counting works best for me. I spent my entire life up until two years ago totally out of control. Then I started carb counting and have been in much better control ever since. I do not have a pump and am in the process of getting a CGM right now. hopefully this will help me even more. I do eyeball my food now and then, instead of counting, but I only do that when I do not have nutrition information at hand. We all do what works for us, everyone is a bit different and needs to find what works for them. :)