Letting go that food issue... : ) And I'm really free

Well… I really want to take this goal serious, getting an A1c at a healthy level!
And keeping the fun… ; )
I think I have spent a lot of time trying to get along with my diabetes in the last few years.
I’m definetly feeling better about it, and I’m quite happy about that!
But now I wanna DO something.

What’s most difficult for me is eating healthy meals.
Slowing down instead of having a chocolate bar when I’m stressed.
Taking care when counting for my bolus when I have a lot to do,
having a pause when I’m low instead of eating to much,
and keep my focus when I’m at a party instead of going to the buffet three times…

I must admit, my eating habits were even worse a few years ago,
but they have also been better for some times in my life.

It’s really about taking care.
And I wanna take it seriously instead of always thinking about it on the one hand and than ignoring it on the other hand!
But… I guess this only works with a smile on my face, being friendly to myself, not taking it too seriously, but consequent.
Well… I wanna embrace life. Even if I feel bad, and still decide for my health.
Always keeping in mind that life is beautiful, even without eating what others are eating…
I wanna love life. I want food to be not so important for me anymore.

You know? It was always about food. All the arguments with my parents when I was young,
the shame in front of my doctors because I ate what I wanted, and feeling different because I actually wasn’t allowed to…

I guess diabetes was not my only problem ; )
But I’m much better off now, and I want to get rid of old habits!
I want to have a child one day. I wanna live long and healthy!
I don’t feel bad anymore because I’m somewhat different,
and i know life can be great and I can be proud of myself even with diabetes!

I had a long talk to my boyfriend last week, and after that I thought… "Man, I could feel so free if I could let go food being so important to me! All these fights, all these fears, all undicidedness and that guilty conscience… Just being free to live! And to enjoy my live! I wanna do that.

I know this might sound strange to some of you, but I know there are also a lot people with serious eating problems.
And I know one can get rid of it! I have learned a lot about this topic, why I eat in an uncontrolled way in some situations, why some other people might ignore food at all, but… I finally have to let that issue go!

And I feel free, so free : )

I can completely relate to you Astrid as I am going through a similar struggle right now.

I’m glad that you are feeling free! I hope to feel the same!