Levemir to 2 Injections per Day

I have started to take 2 injections of Levemir (morning and bed) instead of 1 at bed. Even though my bs for the most part is pretty level throughout the day, I thought the 2 injections would help with higher night values. My question is if you have switched from 1 to 2 injections, how long did the transition take? My fasting was awfully high this morning, but I want to see how the 2 injections will work. My endo told me to give it a week. Any thoughts? Thanks!

I switched from one two Levemir shots on the advice of my endocrinologist. I was experiencing moderate pre-lunch hypoglycemia ( between 60 and 70 ) almost every day. We split the Levemir does in two with 10 units with breakfast and 10 with dinner. The hypos have stopped and my other BG are where they were before.