Libre 2 application with a bit of blood

I just applied my second Libre 2 sensor and there was a tiny bit of blood. I’m scared that it’s not going to work now. Is a little bit of blood okay? I used a tiny bit of skin tac when I applied the sensor.

Happens, it will probably be OK, If not, call Abbott and they will replace it.


You have a BLEEDER


Welcome to the world of CRIME SCENE INVESTIGATION.


ACTION: First STOP the bleeding. Hold direct pressure on the hole the blood for 5 minutes by the clock. The reason is two-fold:

[1] holding direct pressure is what is taught in basic first aid to stop bleeding.

[2] even after the bleeding has stopped coming from the site hole, there may still be bleeding under the skin surface. Keeping pressure on the site for the full 5 minutes will reduce the [a] size of the bruise, & [b] decrease the damaged ‘real estate’ for new site locations in the next week or so.

CAUSE: A blood vessel was punctured. There have been discussions about the type of blood vessel punctured, artery (carries blood from the heart under pressure - spurts if cut), arteriole (small artery), capillary (where exchanges occur), venule (small vein), vein (generally lower pressure vessel carrying blood to the heart - oozes if cut) with little importance. If there is a hole in a blood vessel pouring blood out of a person’s body, stop it.

OBSERVATIONS: Almost all, if not all, skin punctures made by diabetic care tools will cause BLEEDERS. Finger sticks have even had blood spurt as when milking a droplet for testing. Spurts seen in arterial bleeding. In the side of a finger? Yes. CGM and pump sites may have bleeders. Some occur on insertion, while most show themselves at removal.

BOTTOM LINE: Be prepared for a BLEEDER to rear its surprising head any time you are working with a hole in your ‘hide’.

Hope this helps.