Libre 2 are they accurate

I just started using the Libre 2 system. I frequently get results 50 to 70 points different from finger sticks. Are others experiencing the same situation?

I think @Marie20 uses Libre 2, and can comment.

My wife uses it, It works fairly well

here are the last 5 mornings, only tests with contour in the morning

countour next / libre reader

63 78
97 109
170 172
206 199
165 153

I am pleased with it


Hi @DG1 I use both the Libre and the Dexcom. The Libre is usually 10-30 points off for me. It has a tendency to be off about the same amount which at least helps to judge what you are at, although it’s gets a little better as time goes on. But I have a tendency to stay under 130 most of the time.

If you are off that much you could have a bad sensor, it happens. Plus if you are talking “higher” numbers, it will be off by more. (200’s, 300’s). You can call and ask for a replacement to Libre if it is off by more than 20-30% ? I don’t remember the exact requirement. You just need to keep track of the numbers versus some finger stick readings that are off by the larger amounts and call it in. They go by percent, so a 360 reading would be okay with them if you are at 300. It’s less than 20%

But, there are a couple of things that can influence the readings so they are off by more. Tylenol or Vitamin C can cause it to be off more. And another that people don’t realize if you are not hydrated enough it will be off by more.

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How many hours since you inserted the sensor? In my 3 years of using the Libre, it’s usually pretty close to my Accu-chek Aviva by the end of the first 12 hours – sometimes less, but sometimes more. Currently using the Libre 14 day, so I can use it with my iPhone, as well as my Libre reader.

Another thought: What finger-stick meter are you using, and have you verified its accuracy by testing at the same time as an official lab (fasting level) test? I’ve done that with both my Accu-chek Aviva and my Libre, so I know they are usually within just a few points of each other and pretty close to the lab results, too.

A while back, I posted a study comparing the 2 different CGM types, intermittent, like the Libre, and continuous, like the Dexcom. This post is an attempt at synopsis, and you might find it useful for understanding the limitations of your device.

Finger stick uses blood. Sensor uses tissue fluid. If I remember correctly. Thanks,Nancy50