Libre + MiaoMiao smartwatch compatible list

Hello guys, so newly diagnosed T1D living in Greece and can get a free Libre sensor.

So I was searching for a list of watches compatible with the MiaoMiao (I’m guessing all watches with Wear Os) and Xdrip. I am 23yo so on a tight budget, about 150Eur max.(~179USD).

I don’t care about the features just the blood glucose info and battery life.

I’m sorry if this is the wrong category to post in or if this was already asked or pretty much everything wrong with my post :smiley:

I just thought the best people the ask were people like me.

Ticwatch. Least expensive watch. I bought to have BG visible on my wrist all the time. Don’t even have to press a button, Does everything too. A

real find.

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I checked them out they look pretty good and are budget friendly, how long does your battery last?

And thanks for replying!

About a day but they recharge in20 minutes.