Libre questions

I just got my libre last week. I understand there is some difference with sticks vs cgm. I placed it on the back of my arm but my question is about the level of subq fat. My arms are muscular and are low fat. Does that matter if the sensor is more in muscle vs subq?

Also i had a strange unexplained result last pm. Went to bed with bg 153. Woke up at 210. Thats my highest ever am level. Even if i eat at night ive not seen it like that.

I ate dinner at 6-7 and nothing else after.

Just trying to make sense of that reading.

Definitely check that with your finger stick before treating it.

Cgm need fat because when the wire butts up against muscle it will bend and be unreliable.
Maybe your arms aren’t the best place if you are too lean

They recommend the backs of the arms and if you ever talk to them it should be about it being on the back of the arm…however

I save my arms for my Dexcom, but I use a Libre for swimming, so I wear my Libre on my upper buttocks lower back area. You can also use your stomach. You don’t need a lot of fat for it to work, just try not to put it directly over muscle.

You probably have DP, dawn phenomenon …First I would never go to bed with a 153 level unless I knew I was going to drop a lot during the night. If you are on insulin that is sometimes a concern. But DP is a hormone release that happens around 5 am in prep to getting your body ready for the day.

If you are on a fast acting insulin you can take an adjustment when you get up or some people even set the alarm to give an adjustment. Some find never eating after 6 helps but some find a spoonful of applesauce right before bed helps your liver decide not to try to help as much in the am. But I’m not so sure about applesauce on top of a 150. Have you tried taking a walk after you eat dinner to help bring down your BG more?

The LIbre will be able to tell you if it’s a daily pattern and what’s going on while you sleep and after dinner.

I want to add…If it’s a one time event. You could also have eaten something higher protein or higher fat at your meal which would have delayed carb absorption and fat and protein can raise blood sugar levels too. Higher fat will also make you more insulin resistant and your levels won’t drop as easily. Pizza is notorious for hitting some people 6 hours later, So hence an increase in your levels after you went to bed.

You likely ate more carbs than you realized, or counted. I expect libre is 10/15% error. With sticking fingers, i mostly got 3, 4, 5 readings a day, but with the libre sensor, i get 15/18 a da.
I can be proactive, do some corrections, stay in range as much as possible. Some foods, a high might take over two hours time. Jim