Libre Restart

I believe someone had used an ap that would work to restart the LIbre? I can’t find it, anybody know who or where it is?

I know they have used Droplet in the UK, but it doesn’t look like it can be used in the US?

Where’d you see the info about Droplet, Marie? Thats interesting.

I know someone that uses it. But here is the facebook group.

There is also Bubble used over there for Libre 1 sensors.

Programs/Aps have probably been developed in UK and Europe because the Libre is much more widely used there. The NHS in the UK was aiming for 17% of type 1’s to get one. A few of the European countries supply it to some type 1’s too. But because it is cheaper and they mostly have to fund themselves too it is way more common to use a Libre in the UK and Europe. Much rarer for Dexcoms to be used, even though Dexcom is a lot cheaper there.

The bubble seems to work on the US 14 day Libre Sensor. But I have not researched if it works on the US version to restart them. I also have an iphone and need to investigate if they will work okay and restart on it.