I am considering getting the Libre3 cgm. I currently use the Libre2 and the reader because it is small and much lighter than my iPhone. I am considering getting an android phone just to use with the Libre3. Does anyone have suggestions on what might work? I don’t want to use it as a phone, just a means to collect the data from the Libre3.
Thank you.

Check abbott website for list of compatible phones

Thank you for your assistance. So no unlocked cheaper phone will work!!

This does NOT appear to be the case.

I’m using a 4 year old OnePlus 6, which is most definitely not on the compatible list, and was able to download and run the app. It doesn’t have a compatibility check built into it, like the Dexcom app which will not operate if you’re not using an approved phone.

There’s a difference between tested and vetted, which is what their compatibility list is and what makes the regulating agencies happy… and what phones can actually run the software. I’m betting any phone manufactured in recent history will work just fine. Android apps will run on any android phone, assuming they meet the minimum system requirements of the app. In this case, the app just requires Android version 8 or newer, which will include nearly any android phone made after 2017, and even many ones that are older and updated/updatable to the newer operating system. Most phones selling now come with Android 11 or newer, maybe 10 if it’s REALLY cheap.

Since I’m using a phone Abbott hasn’t vetted, I was given this warning to clear them of any liability:

Note, I’m not actually using this CGM, I just downloaded the app to see if I COULD. Turns out I can. As a long-time Android user, I would have absolutely zero qualms accepting that notice and brushing it aside.

I’m in Germany, so this may be different in the US or it may come later, but here they’ve announced there will a reader for FreeStyle Libre 3. So a separate phone may not be necessary.

Here’s the page about the FSL3 reader on the German site. Maybe there’s something similar on the US site, or it’s just delayed.

Thank you very much. Now if Abbott in the US would get with the program and make the reader available it would be so much easier for users.

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Does anyone know if you can calibrate libre3 and if you still have to scan it and can you turn off the terrible alarm or change the sound?